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Strnadl, Christoph
Software AG
Vienna, Austria
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As principal of Atos Origin Austria’s management consulting practice, Strnadl is currently accountable for the consulting domain of information management and strategy and strategic sourcing, helping top companies leverage the value of their information technology (IT) assets and services.

Parallel to his academic education, Strnadl worked as a consultant in IT and communications (1988-1994), and completed several successful projects in the field of electronic data interchange and messaging integration. In 1994, Strnadl joined Atos Origin (Austria), a leading global IT consulting and services firm, where he has held various management positions in the value added network services field. In 1997, he was appointed to the management team. In this role, Strnadl has developed, applied, and published several conceptual frameworks and models to be used for effectively bridging the communications gap between business and IT management to enable the effective alignment of business and IT. These include the IT Driver Model, the Triple-A Approach to IT Investment Appraisal, and the IT Score Card, a generic model for developing an IT strategy based on the notion of the (suitably adapted) Balanced Scorecard by Kaplan and Norton.

His customers include the largest Austrian enterprises, where his projects support executive management and IT management alike to develop, formulate, and realize long-term and truly strategic approaches to IT and information management. They comprise various themes, including IT strategy development, determination of the return on investment (ROI) of IT projects, or evaluation of different IT sourcing options (for instance, insourcing versus outsourcing). In addition to his consulting projects, Strnadl frequently acts as senior project manager for very large, highly complex strategic IT projects. These assignments included the position of global project manager for Austria’s largest international IT infrastructure outsourcing deal ever.

The rare combination of a deep theoretical foundation and ample practical application experience qualifies Strnadl as one of the leading IT outsourcing specialists in Austria. Due to his broad technical experience and integration skills within complex contexts, Strnadl is a recognized speaker at public events, and is a trainer at IT strategy seminars, with over 40 appearances in the last couple of years.

Strnadl is member of the ACM, IEEE, ¿¿VO (Austrian Association for Organisation and Management), and the CMG, where he holds various national and international board positions. He is a senior referee for the IEEE's Computer magazine, and writes for IEEE Multimedia. His contributions to the IT strategy and sourcing field have been published in international peer-reviewed journals and conferences.

He was born in 1966, and is married with two children.

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