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Abasolo, Marma
University of the Balearic Islands
Palma, Spain
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  Recovering surface layout from an image
Hoiem D., Efros A., Hebert M.  International Journal of Computer Vision 75(1): 151-172, 2007. Type: Article

Image understanding, the ultimate goal of computer vision, needs a representation of the scene that includes objects and their relations. Traditional approaches to three-dimensional (3D) scene recovery try to obtain a nearly exact geometric recons...

Jul 10 2008  
  Gait recognition for human identification based on ICA and fuzzy SVM through multiple views fusion
Lu J., Zhang E.  Pattern Recognition Letters 28(16): 2401-2411, 2007. Type: Article

Through biometrics, video cameras watch over us and computers can automatically identify us using metrics for human physiology--such as face, fingerprints, iris, and hand geometry--and also metrics for human behavior. Most biometrics r...

Jun 2 2008  
   Xface open source project and SMIL-agent scripting language for creating and animating embodied conversational agents
Balci K., Not E., Zancanaro M., Pianesi F.  Multimedia (Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Multimedia, Augsburg, Germany,  Sep 24-29, 2007) 1013-1016, 2007. Type: Proceedings

A new trend continues to populate the planet, particularly through cyberspace: virtual humanoids, which are also found under such names as avatars, conversational agents, and talking heads. H-Anim and the MPEG-4 ISO standard arise ...

Jan 23 2008  
  Hybrid object labelling in digital images
Martín-Herrero J.  Machine Vision and Applications 18(1): 1-15, 2007. Type: Article

Labelling is a computer-vision task that identifies all the connected pixels of an object with the same label. It is often followed by the feature extraction, characterization, for the further classification of objects....

Dec 21 2007  
  Estimating optimal parameters for MRF stereo from a single image pair
Zhang L., Seitz S.  IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 29(2): 331-342, 2007. Type: Article

The correspondence problem in stereo vision involves obtaining a disparity map, which represents the differences between the positions of matching pixels in two stereo images. Markov random fields (MRFs) are widely used to model vision problems, a...

Jun 20 2007  
  Reality augmentation for medical procedures: system architecture, single camera marker tracking, and system evaluation
Vogt S., Khamene A., Sauer F.  International Journal of Computer Vision 70(2): 179-190, 2006. Type: Article

Just imagine the following scene: the patient lies on the examining table and becomes transparent to the eyes of the surgeon, who sees the results of the last magnetic resonance image mapped on the patient’s body. Science fiction or reality?...

Jan 30 2007  
   Interactive 3D terrain exploration and visualization
Smullen S., Clinton W I., Santa C.  ACM southeast regional conference (Proceedings of the 43rd Annual Southeast Regional Conference, Kennesaw, Georgia,  Mar 18-20, 2005) 393-396, 2005. Type: Proceedings

Terrain rendering is used in a broad range of applications, such as simulations, games, education, and virtual reality. Besides commercial programs, there are, fortunately, many noncommercial open-source solutions available for terrain visualizati...

Dec 28 2006  
  Multimodal interaction with a wearable augmented reality system
Koelsch M., Bane R., Hoellerer T., Turk M.  IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications 26(3): 62-71, 2006. Type: Article

In augmented reality (AR) applications, the user experiences reality mixed with some kind of synthetic information, and in some cases, even has freedom of movement. This kind of application needs a natural way to interact that common input devices...

Nov 29 2006  
   How effective are landmarks and their geometry for face recognition?
Shi J., Samal A., Marx D.  Computer Vision and Image Understanding 102(2): 117-133, 2006. Type: Article

Determining whether an unknown face belongs to a gallery of faces is known as face recognition. To solve this problem, both a face model and a measure of similarity between faces are needed. To model faces, we can mainly distinguish two approaches...

Oct 3 2006  
  Fast and reliable collision culling using graphics hardware
Govindaraju N., Lin M., Manocha D.  IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 12(2): 143-154, 2006. Type: Article

The algorithms to detect collisions in a three-dimensional (3D) world can be classified as follows: image-space culling algorithms based on graphical processing unit (GPU) calculations, which take advantage of the runtime performance of graphic pr...

Aug 11 2006  
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