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Aciego, Manuel
Univ. Malaga
Malaga, Spain
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   Relational constructions in Goguen Categories
Winter M.  Relational Methods in Computer Science (Revised Papers from the 6th International Conference and 1st Workshop of COST Action 274 TARSKI on Relational Methods in Computer Science, Oct 16-21, 2001) 212-227, 2002. Type: Proceedings

Fuzzy relation algebras were introduced as an algebraic formalization of mathematical structures formed by fuzzy relations; these algebras are equipped with a semi-scalar product on the unit interval that is able to characterize when a relation is...

Aug 3 2004  
   From rough sets to rough knowledge bases
Vitória A., Damásio C., Maluszyski J.  Fundamenta Informaticae 57(2-4): 215-246, 2003. Type: Article

A language for knowledge representation with vague concepts is introduced in this paper, based on the formalism of rough sets, and a semantics borrowed from the logic programming community, namely, paraconsistent stable models of extended logic pr...

Jul 8 2004  
  A tuple-oriented algorithm for deduction in a fuzzy relational database
Blanco I., Martin-Bautista M., Pons O., Vila M.  International Journal of Uncertainty, Fuzziness and Knowledge-Based Systems 11(Supp): 47-66, 2003. Type: Article

Classical query languages are insufficient when working on flexible values, because they do not include flexible conditions. As a result, some extensions of the relational model of databases have been proposed, leading to the fuzzy relational data...

Jun 29 2004  
  Chu’s construction
Bellin G.  In Logic for concurrency and synchronisation. Norwell, MA: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003. Type: Book Chapter

The categorical study of linear logic is addressed in this chapter. Specifically, the author demonstrates that a particular functor pertaining to the abstract categorical model of linear logic can be constructed in purely proof-theoretical terms.<...

Apr 26 2004  
   Eliminating definitions and Skolem functions in first-order logic
Avigad J.  ACM Transactions on Computational Logic 4(3): 402-415, 2003. Type: Article

When working with a first-order theory, it is customary to use definitions and Skolem functions to clarify the specification of the given theory; this is usual practice, for instance, in first-order theorem proving. The problem arises when trying ...

Nov 13 2003  
   Abductive reasoning and measures of similitude in the presence of fuzzy rules
Mellouli N., Bouchon-Meunier B.  Fuzzy Sets and Systems 137(1): 177-188, 2003. Type: Article

Uncertainty and imprecision play a leading role in human reasoning, therefore it is worth devoting some effort to the study of reasoning methods under uncertain data. On the other hand, abductive reasoning is an important component of many tasks, ...

Oct 15 2003  
   The marriage of effects and monads
Wadler P., Thiemann P.  ACM Transactions on Computational Logic 4(1): 1-32, 2003. Type: Article

A unified approach to two previous lines of research based on the study of computational effects is presented in this paper. These lines are, respectively, the use of effect typing and the use of monads....

Mar 13 2003  
   Towards a mechanically checked theory of computation
Moore J.  In Logic-based artificial intelligence. Norwell, MA: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2000. Type: Book Chapter

This chapter discusses a computational logic for applicative common Lisp (ACL2), which is both a logic, and a theorem prover for that logic. The system can be more generally considered to be in the group of so-called “proof-checkers” ...

Feb 4 2003  
  Extending and implementing the stable model semantics
Simons P., Niemelá I., Soininen T.  Artificial Intelligence 138(1-2): 181-234, 2002. Type: Article

Answer set programming provides a new paradigm for declarative logic programming, based on the well-known stable models semantics. This paper presents a language of weight constraint rules for answer set programming, specifically, a rule language...

Dec 24 2002  
   Fixpoint semantics for logic programming a survey
Fitting M.  Theoretical Computer Science 278(1-2): 25-51, 2002. Type: Article, Reviews: (2 of 2)

In this survey paper, the reader is guided through a number of different fixpoint-based semantics, ranging from the usual Apt-van Emden-Kowalski semantics to metric approaches, and also considering the stable models semantics. As stated in the in...

Nov 25 2002  
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