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Aharonian, Gregory
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Belmont, Massachusetts
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  What’s at stake in MGM v. Grokster?
Samuelson P.  Communications of the ACM 47(2): 15-20, 2004. Type: Article

Does the multimedia-sharing logic of videocassette recorders (VCRs) apply fully to peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing? Does the Supreme Court’s logic in Sony/Betamax apply to MGM versus Grokster? In this article, Pamela Samuelson reviews a lega...

Apr 14 2004  
  First Principles of Copyright for DRM Design
Camp L.  IEEE Internet Computing 7(3): 59-65, 2003. Type: Article

In 2003, the American Bar Association published a book [1] on intellectual property, covering patents, copyrights, and trademarks. In the section on copyrights, the author writes that for copyright, you should “avoid it like the plague.̶...

Dec 23 2003  
  An efficient software protection scheme
Maña A., Pimentel E.  Information security: Trusted information (Proceedings of the 16th international conference, Paris, France, 2001. Type: Proceedings

The authors propose a new system for protecting software using tamperproof smart cards in this paper. Their idea is to transfer some of the encryption process and execution of the protected software to the smart card. This transfer would take pla...

Sep 3 2002  
  Copyrightable functions and patentable speech
Burk D.  Communications of the ACM 44(2): 69-75, 2001. Type: Article

For over 40 years, many patent and copyright lawyers and judges have been like the classic “blind men touching the elephant” example, in this case, a software elephant. Is software patentable, is it copyrightable, is it functiona...

Dec 1 2001  
  Software piracy: a view from Hong Kong
Moores T., Dhillon G.  Communications of the ACM 43(12): 88-93, 2000. Type: Article

Covering much of the same material as “Global Software Piracy” in the September 2000 issue of CACM [1], this article focuses more regionally. It offers limited data (243 business students in Hong Kong were surveyed), to arrive a...

Jul 1 2001  
  Global software piracy: you can’t get blood out of a turnip
Gopal R., Sanders G.  Communications of the ACM 43(9): 82-89, 2000. Type: Article

Software lends itself very easily to piracy, especially in the Internet era, costing software manufacturers billions of dollars per year. Three issues nicely reported on by the authors are the amount of piracy that actually takes place, how much l...

Nov 1 2000  
  Perspectives on…copyright and fair-use guidelines for education and libraries: the immunity dilemma: are state colleges and universities still liable for copyright infringements?
Crews K. (ed), Harper G.  Journal of the American Society for Information Science 50(14): 1350-1352, 1999. Type: Article

In recent years, a variety of court cases have seemed to say that state governments (including agencies of state governments, such as state universities) cannot be sued in federal courts for patent, copyright, and trademark infringement, often cit...

Jan 1 2000  
  Information society or cash nexus?: a study of the United States as a copyright haven
Warner J.  Journal of the American Society for Information Science 50(5): 461-470, 1999. Type: Article

There are times when Americans have a shortsighted view of history and accountability, in particular, when ignoring the demands of those claiming compensation or special favors today for some injustice in the past, for example the case of African ...

Aug 1 1999  
  Solving problems in scientific computing using Maple and MATLAB (3rd ed.)
Gander W. (ed), Hebíek J. (ed),  Springer-Verlag New York, Inc., New York, NY, 1998.Type: Book (9783540617938)

One of the most frustrating aspects of modern physics and related disciplines is the lack of analytic solutions, or even nontrivial approximations, for real-world problems. For the two-body problem, there are plenty of solutions that can be manipu...

Apr 1 1999  
  Inventing software
Nichols K.,  Quorum Books, Westport, CT, 1998.Type: Book (9781567201406)

Software patents are a growing problem for the software industry. In 1998 and 1999, the US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) will issue 40,000 software patents, ten times the number issued in 1992 and 1993. Software patent litigation is, not surpr...

Oct 1 1998  
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