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Aiken, Robert
Temple University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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  Mobile educational features in authoring tools for personalised tutoring
Virvou M., Alepis E.  Computers & Education 44(1): 53-68, 2005. Type: Article

What if you could use your mobile telephone to learn, and even have a tutor to help you? This paper discusses how an authoring tool can be used to create intelligent tutoring systems (ITSs), to provide courses and intelligent help for students usi...

Apr 5 2005  
  Online student peer reviews
Wolfe W.  Information technology education (Proceedings of the 5th Conference on Information Technology Education, Salt Lake City, UT, USA,  Oct 28-30, 2004) 33-37, 2004. Type: Proceedings

This paper provides an insightful look at how online student peer reviews can help students learn from their peers, as well as how an instructor can focus more on teaching and less on “judging.”...

Dec 15 2004  
  "..a load of ould boxology!"
Ferris K., Bannon L.  Designing interactive systems (Proceedings of the conference, London, England,  Jun 25-28, 2002) 41-49, 2002. Type: Proceedings

Motivating young children to learn is the important topic of this paper. As the authors state in their abstract:...

Jan 5 2004  
  Developing teamwork through experiential learning
Ferguson C., Little S., McClelland M.  The Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges 16(2): 268-280, 2001. Type: Article

This paper contains some interesting tips on how to improve teamwork on collaborative projects. The methods discussed are based on Ropes Courses....

Mar 1 2002  
  Debunking the myth of the Nintendo generation: how doctoral students introduce new electronic communication practices into university research
Covi L.  Journal of the American Society for Information Science 51(14): 1284-1294, 2000. Type: Article

The use of electronic communication technology by doctoral students in four different disciplines (molecular biology, literary theory, sociology, and computer science) is explored. The paper is based on research performed in 1995 by the author as ...

Sep 1 2001  
  The sun, the genome, and the Internet: tools of scientific revolutions
Dyson F.,  Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, 1999. 124 pp. Type: Book (9780195129427)

Dyson has written an enjoyable book about science. It is a tour de force that provides insight into one man’s view of what the future might hold--and what he sees as the three legs of the stool that will be the foundation of this vision...

Jul 1 1999  
  Slaves of the machine
Rawlins G. (ed),  MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1998.Type: Book (9780262681025)

As stated in the preface, “This book is for [people] who don’t know much about computers and want to know what they can do for you--or to you. It tells the story of how we became slaves to our silicon dependents, and how they may ...

Apr 1 1999  
  Seeing the light go on
Saddler H.  interactions 3(3): 45-52, 1996. Type: Article

General aspects of an international student design project sponsored by Apple, as well as specific points concerning the 1995 competition, are summarized. The author, who is one of Apple’s liaisons working with student teams, emphasizes the ...

Jul 1 1997  
  NetLearning: why teachers use the Internet
Serim F., Koch M.,  O’Reilly & Associates, Inc., Sebastopol, CA, 1996.Type: Book (9781565922013)

In reviewing this book, it seemed appropriate to obtain the opinion of a young person who has used computers extensively (since first grade) and understands their pitfalls as well as their power. It also seemed important that someone who had taugh...

Mar 1 1997  
  Mark of the hand--by mouse
Hays N.  IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications 14(4): 8-11, 1994. Type: Article

Tom Shaff is an artist who explores the world using a computer to create art. Beginning with Shaff’s earliest explorations--when as a left-handed person he had to learn to use his major tool, the mouse, right-handed--Hays briefly d...

May 1 1995  
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