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Akman, Varol
Stichting Mathematisch Centrum
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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  Layouts with wires of balanced length
Becker B., Osthof H.  Information and Computation 73(1): 45-58, 1987. Type: Article

This is a good paper. It shows that theoretical results of computer science are key to our better understanding of practical problems--in this case, the well-known placement and routing problems of VLSI design. The authors show ...

Oct 1 1987  
  Computing the visibility polygon from an edge
Lee D., Lin A.  Computer Vision, Graphics, and Image Processing 34(1): 1-19, 1986. Type: Article

Open up a paper on computational geometry and it usually says something along the lines, “Mumble, therefore the required time bound follows. . . .” This has both good and bad sides. On one hand, keeping the paper on a theoretical level...

Sep 1 1987  
  A geometric investigation of reach
Korein J.,  MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1986.Type: Book (9789780262111041)

This is the author’s doctoral thesis, carried out under the guidance of Norman Badler. The thesis investigates problems of the sort:...

Apr 1 1987  
  Automatic curve fitting with quadratic B-spline functions and its applications to computer-assisted animation
Yang M., Kim C., Cheng K., Yang C., Liu S.  Computer Vision, Graphics, and Image Processing 33(3): 346-362, 1986. Type: Article

This clearly written paper cites two reasons that make quadratic B-splines useful in animation:...

Sep 1 1986  
  Classification of edges and its application in determining visibility
Kripac J.  Computer-Aided Design 17(1): 30-36, 1985. Type: Article

Computer-Aided Design publishes papers mostly on the practical side. Papers in this journal have more to do with implementation-level graphics than with computational geometry. The paper under review is no exception. I have to confess that ...

Jul 1 1986  
  Best approximate circles on integer grids
McIlroy M.  ACM Transactions on Graphics 2(4): 237-263, 1983. Type: Article

This is an extremely well-written paper which will probably be the major reference when it comes to the grid-following algorithms for drawing circles. However, here is my criticism: Is this really a very important problem? Who needs 26 pages on t...

Feb 1 1985  
  Movement problems for 2-dimensional linkages
Hopcroft J. (ed), Joseph D., Whitesides S.  SIAM Journal on Computing 13(3): 610-629, 1984. Type: Article

This is a beautiful paper with two highly original results. First, it is shown that a planar linkage can be forced to stay inside a region by the addition of a polynomial number of new links (polynomial in the number of original links and the num...

Feb 1 1985  
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