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AlJa'am, Jihad
University of QATAR
Doha, Qatar
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  Predicting and detecting symmetries in FOL finite model search
Audemard G., Benhamou B., Henocque L.  Journal of Automated Reasoning 36(3): 177-212, 2006. Type: Article

Audemard et al. study the impact of variable and value ordering heuristics on the heavy-tailedness of runtime distributions of backtrack search procedures. Specifically, they discuss the heavy-tailed behavior of the backtrack procedure at runtime....

Jun 4 2007  
  A comprehensive survey of fitness approximation in evolutionary computation
Jin Y.  Soft Computing 9(1): 3-12, 2005. Type: Article

In recent years, there has been increased interest in stochastic and evolutionary algorithms, which have proven their efficiency in solving hard instances of combinatorial problems in a reasonable time, when classical techniques (branch and bound,...

Aug 10 2006  
  An optimal coarse-grained arc consistency algorithm
Bessière C., Régin J., Yap R., Zhang Y.  Artificial Intelligence 165(2): 165-185, 2005. Type: Article

The main idea of constraint propagation is notifying all of the constraints in the system about the removal of values of some variables, so that they can update themselves accordingly. It is well known that constraint propagation is the basic oper...

May 9 2006  
  Artificial intelligence methods and tools for systems biology
Dubitzky W., Azuaje F., Dubitzky W.,  Springer-Verlag New York, Inc., Secaucus, NJ, 2004. 221 pp. Type: Book (9781402028595)

Systems biology, a new and promising field of science that has many applications in different disciplines, is the topic of this book. It deals particularly with information and knowledge in an intelligent way. The book contains a collection of hig...

Nov 28 2005  
  Configuration landscape analysis and backbone guided local search: part I: satisfiability and maximum satisfiability
Zhang W.  Artificial Intelligence 158(1): 1-26, 2004. Type: Article

This paper discusses the well-known nondeterministic polynomial time (NP) complete combinatorial and decision problems: the Boolean satisfiability (SAT) and the maximum satisfiability (Max-SAT = k-SAT) set of clauses of some lit...

Feb 9 2005  
  Lifelong planning A*
Koenig S., Likhachev M., Furcy D.  Artificial Intelligence 155(1-2): 93-146, 2004. Type: Article

In this work, the authors propose an interesting approach called lifelong planning A* (LPA*). It consists of combining an incremental version of the well-known A* with other artificial intelligence (AI) techniques (namely, dynamic strict weakly su...

Dec 28 2004  
  Compositional verification of knowledge-based task models and problem-solving methods
Cornelissen F., Jonker C., Treur J.  Knowledge and Information Systems 5(3): 337-367, 2003. Type: Article

The authors propose a formal model for the compositional verification of knowledge-based systems. The paper is well structured and organized. It uses clear and simple English expressions that are easy to understand. The formal definitions are intr...

Feb 12 2004  
  Stochastic search methods
Jacob C.  In Intelligent data analysis. New York, NY: Springer-Verlag New York, Inc., 2003. Type: Book Chapter

We thank the author for his efforts to serve the scientific community, however, a novice reader may not be able to predict what kind of searching the author is referring to in the chapter’s title. Is this search related to in...

Dec 10 2003  
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