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Alanko, Timo
University of Helsinki
Helsinki, Finland
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  Technical foundations of client/server systems
Hall C.,  Wiley-QED Publishing, Somerset, NJ, 1994.Type: Book (9780471060864)

Client/server technology is increasingly becoming the alternative way to organize enterprise-level information systems. This is reflected in the amount of literature published on the subject. But the question is, do we need yet another introductio...

Jun 1 1996  
  Effects of the checkpoint interval on time and space in time warp
Preiss B., Loucks W., Macintyre I.  ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation 4(3): 223-253, 1994. Type: Article

Optimistically synchronized parallel discrete-event simulation is based on the use of communicating sequential processes. When synchronization errors are detected, processes are rolled back to an earlier state that has been checkpointed. The perfo...

Sep 1 1995  
  Computing bounds on steady state availability of repairable computer systems
Lui J., Muntz R.  Journal of the ACM 41(4): 676-707, 1994. Type: Article

The dependability and availability analysis of systems is typically based on Markov models. In realistic situations, the use of these models poses some severe problems: closed-form solutions are usually not available, and the size of the state spa...

Jul 1 1995  
  Parallel queues with resequencing
Jean-Marie A., Gün L.  Journal of the ACM 40(5): 1188-1208, 1993. Type: Article

A system where Poisson arrivals are allocated to K parallel single-server queues by a Bernoulli process is considered. After having been served, the jobs are required to leave the system in the order of arrival. This type of pro...

Jan 1 1995  
  Task Allocation for Maximizing Reliability of Distributed Computer Systems
Shatz S., Wang J., Goto M.  IEEE Transactions on Computers 41(9): 1156-1168, 1992. Type: Article

The task allocation problem in a distributed environment with heterogeneous nodes connected by communication links is treated. In this problem, both the nodes and the communication links are unreliable: each has a certain failure rate. The goal ...

Mar 1 1994  
  Effect of Fault Tolerance on Response Time-Analysis of the Primary Site Approach
Huang Y., Jalote P.  IEEE Transactions on Computers 41(4): 420-428, 1992. Type: Article

One of the basic techniques to achieve fault tolerance is the cold standby approach. The system consists of an active primary site and a set of passive backup sites, which store the list of operations performed by the primary site and periodical...

Dec 1 1993  
  Analyzing Hard-Real-Time Programs for Guaranteed Schedulability
Stoyenko A., Hamacher V., Holt R.  IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 17(8): 737-750, 1991. Type: Article

An essential part of the development of real-time software is the process of verifying that the software will meet its timing constraints. This paper presents a new set of techniques for a systematic worst-case schedulability analysis of real-time...

Nov 1 1992  
  A model for the stability analysis of maintenance strategies for linear list
Bastani F., Chen I., Hilal W.  The Computer Journal 34(1): 80-87, 1991. Type: Article

In a distributed environment, the server responsible for the management of some resource keeps track of its state using a suitable data structure, such as a linear list. The list can be maintained either concurrently or periodically. The paper pre...

Feb 1 1992  
  Dependability Modeling and Evaluation of Software Fault-Tolerant Systems
Arlat J., Kanoun K., Laprie J.  IEEE Transactions on Computers 39(4): 504-513, 1990. Type: Article

The structure of the authors’ fault-tolerance model is based on the fact that failures in software execution have different origins. The specifications may contain faults, and the implementation of the separate variants of the software may c...

Jul 1 1991  
  Analytic models for the primary site approach to fault-tolerance
Huang Y., Jalote P.  Acta Informatica 26(6): 543-557, 1989. Type: Article

The modeling method in this paper is intended for the analysis of a certain type of fault-tolerant service. The service is fault-tolerant through replication: one node is designated as the primary node and other nodes form a sequence of backup nod...

Oct 1 1990  
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