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Aldous, David
University of California at Berkeley
Berkeley, California
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  Convergence in distribution for best-fit decreasing
Rhee W., Talagrand M.  SIAM Journal on Computing 25(4): 894-906, 1996. Type: Article

Best-fit decreasing is the offline bin-packing algorithm in which items are first sorted in decreasing order of size, and then an item is packed into the bin with the smallest possible remaining space. This paper studies the number B...

Jun 1 1997  
  An introduction to randomization in computational geometry
Devillers O.  Theoretical Computer Science 157(1): 35-52, 1996. Type: Article

Randomized algorithms in computational geometry have been addressed in numerous papers and at least two monographs [1,2]. This paper provides a readable introduction to some aspects of the topic. First, abstract notions of “conflict graph...

Mar 1 1997  
  On the optimality of randomized - search
Zhang Y.  SIAM Journal on Computing 24(1): 138-147, 1995. Type: Article

Consider complete game trees of height h and degree d. The randomized complexity C ( d , h ) of evaluating game trees is the minimum (over all randomized algorithms) of the maximum (over all...

Oct 1 1996  
  Algorithms for random generation and counting
Sinclair A.,  Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel, Switzerland, 1993.Type: Book (9780817636586)

It is intuitively clear that, for a large combinatorial set S, the problems

  • count the size S exactly, and...
Apr 1 1996  
  Analysis of an importance sampling estimator for tandem queues
Glasserman P. (ed), Kou S.  ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation 5(1): 22-42, 1995. Type: Article

Probabilities of rare events in stochastic processes are ipso facto hard to estimate by direct Monte Carlo simulations. In recent years there has been considerable interest in estimating such probabilities via the importance sampling or likelihood...

Dec 1 1995  
  Genetic algorithms + data structures = evolution programs (2nd, extended ed.)
Michalewicz Z.,  Springer-Verlag New York, Inc., New York, NY, 1994.Type: Book (9783540580904)

The idea of using genetic algorithms for optimization problems is so intuitively appealing that it is often mentioned in popular science articles. This book is a self-contained account, presupposing only basic undergraduate mathematics. Being base...

Aug 1 1995  
  Approximating the permanent
Jerrum M., Sinclair A.  SIAM Journal on Computing 18(6): 1149-1178, 1989. Type: Article

In previous work [1], the authors described an interesting and important technique for “approximate counting” of large combinatorial sets. The ingredients are (1) construction of a reversible Markov chain on the set with uniform statio...

Nov 1 1990  
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