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Andrianoff, Steven
St. Bonaventure University
St. Bonaventure, New York
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  Is computer science education in crisis?
Nwana H.  ACM Computing Surveys 29(4): 322-324, 1997. Type: Article

The author addresses the question of whether there is, in fact, a crisis in computer science education by quoting extensively from three computer scientists, two of whom are David Parnas and Edsger Dijkstra. He reviews their criticisms that comput...

Jun 1 1998  
  Device reservation in audio/video editing systems
Anderson D.  ACM Transactions on Computer Systems 15(2): 111-133, 1997. Type: Article

The reservation rate problem that arises in a distributed audio/video editing system is to estimate and then reserve the resources--including shared remote disks, SCSI buses, and FDDI network capacity--required to play a document consist...

Feb 1 1998  
  Garbage collection
Jones R., Lins R.,  John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, NY, 1996.Type: Book (9780471941484)

Garbage collection is “the automatic reclamation of heap allocated storage after its last use by a program.” Garbage collection is a unique topic within computer science, since it is a well-known problem that is closely related to the ...

Sep 1 1997  
  Recovery in the Calypso file system
Devarakonda M., Kish B., Mohindra A.  ACM Transactions on Computer Systems 14(3): 287-310, 1996. Type: Article

Calypso is a stateful, scalable distributed Unix file system that is implemented on IBM RISC clusters running AIX. This paper describes the recovery scheme used in Calypso, which guarantees data consistency of the file system across processor fail...

Mar 1 1997  
  Type checking concurrent I/O
Carlisle W.  ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems 17(3): 448-460, 1995. Type: Article

Carlisle addresses the problem of defining the type of a communication channel that can be concurrently accessed by multiple processes. Fisher has used regular expression notation to define the type of an Occam channel [1]. Using this notation, a ...

Apr 1 1996  
  Embedded systems building blocks
Labrosse J.,  R & D Publications, Inc., Lawrence, KS, 1995.Type: Book (9780133597790)

The stated purpose of this book is to “provide you with portable, ready-to-use code so that you can save time with your next embedded system.” The author presents and describes a collection of software modules written in C that can be ...

Feb 1 1996  
  Static slicing in the presence of goto statements
Choi J., Ferrante J.  ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems 16(4): 1097-1113, 1994. Type: Article

Program slicing is a valuable technique for analyzing the behavior of a program. An executable slice is a subset of the statements of a program that exhibits the same execution behavior on a variable as the program does. Standard techniques for co...

Jul 1 1995  
  Coordinating first-order multiparty interactions
Joung Y., Smolka S.  ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems 16(3): 954-985, 1994. Type: Article

A first-order multiparty interaction generalizes Ada’s rendezvous and the communication sequential processes (CSP) communication mechanisms to allow more than two participating processes. An interaction is first-order if the assignment of pr...

Jun 1 1995  
  COOL: system support for distributed programming
Lea R., Jacquemot C., Pillevesse E.  Communications of the ACM 36(9): 37-46, 1993. Type: Article

The problem of providing operating system–level support for the construction of distributed applications using the object-oriented programming approach is addressed. The authors describe the COOL project, which attempts to overcome the funda...

Jan 1 1995  
  Delivery of time-critical messages using a multiple copy approach
Ramanathan P., Shin K. (ed)  ACM Transactions on Computer Systems 10(2): 144-166, 1992. Type: Article

The reliable and timely delivery of time-critical messages in a distributed real-time system is addressed. Ramanathan and Shin propose a scheme that sends multiple copies of messages along disjoint routes in the network. In particular, their sche...

Nov 1 1993  
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