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Appleby, Doris
Marymount College
Tarrytown, New York
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  Graph rewrite systems for program optimization
Assmann U.  ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems 22(4): 583-637, 2000. Type: Article

This paper reports a major result in the use of graph rewrite systems for program optimization. It was first submitted to the Transactions in 1996. The central idea is to represent all the information in an optimizer as a set of relational ...

Jul 1 2001  
  Generation of LR parsers by partial evaluation
Sperber M., Thiemann P.  ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems 22(2): 224-264, 2000. Type: Article

One of the benefits of functional languages, compared to other languages, is the routineness of correctness proofs at each step of program development. The authors have used this property of Scheme to construct a recursive ascent general LR parser...

Nov 1 2000  
  A tutorial on default logics
Antoniou G.  ACM Computing Surveys 31(4): 337-359, 1999. Type: Article

Antoniou continues the generally excellent series of surveys published by the ACM for over 30 years. Each is intended for upper-level undergraduates or beginning graduate students, and describes a particular area of computer science. This tutorial...

Jun 1 2000  
  Visual language theory
Marriott K. (ed), Meyer B. (ed),  Springer-Verlag New York, Inc., New York, NY, 1998.Type: Book (9780387983677)

Although there have been several good books on the computational aspects and applications of visual languages, this is the first devoted to the theory of visual languages. The aims of visual language research are to understand the classification a...

May 1 2000  
  Macro tree transducers, attribute grammars, and MSO definable tree translations
Engelfriet J., Maneth S.  Information and Computation 154(1): 34-91, 1999. Type: Article

This paper continues a long series by the first author, alone and with others, beginning in 1975, all devoted to tree transformations--their properties and applications, especially in models for syntax-directed semantics as used by a preproce...

Feb 1 2000  
  Derivation trees of ground term rewriting systems
Engelfriet J.  Information and Computation 152(1): 1-15, 1999. Type: Article

Engelfriet claims that his system of extended ground term rewriting rules provides a concept of derivation trees that is not only analogous to, but generalizes, the situation for context-free grammars. He provides new proofs for five theorems prov...

Nov 1 1999  
  Principles of programming languages (3rd ed.): design, evaluation, and implementation
MacLennan B.,  Oxford University Press, Inc., New York, NY, 1999. 509 pp. Type: Book (9780195113068)

I was pleased when this reviewing assignment arrived on my desk, as I have had the good fortune to teach from both previous editions of this book, and reviewed the second for this journal in 1987 [1]. At that time, we were using ACM’s Cur...

Sep 1 1999  
  Almost optimal sublinear time parallel recognition algorithms for three subclasses of context free languages
Larmore L., Rytter W.  Theoretical Computer Science 197(1-2): 189-201, 1998. Type: Article

The authors report parallel algorithms for the recognition of context-free language (CFL) strings. Two of the algorithms are parallel versions of well-known sequential (single-processor) algorithms: the first is a sequential version reported in 19...

Mar 1 1999  
  Modern languages and Microsoft’s component object model
Gray D., Hotchkiss J., LaForge S., Shalit A., Weinberg T.  Communications of the ACM 41(5): 55-65, 1998. Type: Article

Microsoft’s Component Object Model (COM) is a method of developing small executable components to provide services for applications, operating systems, and other components. The first component developed, Object Linking and Embedding (OLE), ...

Aug 1 1998  
  Coordinating distributed objects
Frølund S.,  MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1996.Type: Book (9780262061889)

The actors model consists of a collection of asynchronous objects that execute concurrently. It was first described in 1977 by Carl Hewitt as a model of computation, in which “actors interact [in] a purely local way by sending messages to on...

Mar 1 1998  
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