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Apte, Chidanand
IBM Corp.
Yorktown Heights, New York
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  Principles of expert systems
Lucas P., van der Gaag L.,  Addison-Wesley Longman Publishing Co., Inc., Boston, MA, 1991.Type: Book (9780201416404)

Intended as an introductory textbook at the undergraduate level, this book covers expert systems for students of computer science. Chapters address “Logic and Resolution,” “Production Rules and Inference,” “Frames and...

Aug 1 1993  
  Common LISP modules
Watson M.,  Springer-Verlag New York, Inc., New York, NY, 1991.Type: Book (9780387976143)

Watson provides the reader with extensive and rather complete fragments of Common Lisp code listings for various activities that are common in artificial intelligence research and practice. The book covers topics from neural networks, natural lang...

Jun 1 1992  
  Expert systems: a manager’s guide
Wiig K.,  International Labour Office, Geneva, Switzerland, 1990.Type: Book (9789789221064466)

Titles in the International Labor Organization Management Development Series focus on selected issues of concern to practicing managers and administrators as well as to management trainers, teachers, and consultants. According to the preface, the ...

May 1 1991  
  Knowledge-based process planning for construction and manufacturing
Zozaya-Gorostiza C., Hendrickson C., Rehak D.,  Academic Press Prof., Inc., San Diego, CA, 1989.Type: Book (9789780127819006)

This book is based on Zozaya-Gorastiza’s PhD dissertation work. It describes a knowledge-based approach to building systems for interactive design of process planning. More specifically, the book centers around the discussion of a system arc...

May 1 1990  
  Knowledge-based risk management in engineering: a case study in human-computer cooperative systems
Niwa K.,  John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, NY, 1989.Type: Book (9789780471628934)

Kiyoshi Niwa presents his experiences with building a knowledge-based system for use as a cooperative consultant in engineering risk management. Apparently the contents are mostly based on his doctoral dissertation work. The book has two main them...

Sep 1 1989  
  Building expert systems: a tutorial
Martin J. (ed), Oxman S.,  Prentice-Hall, Inc., Upper Saddle River, NJ, 1988.Type: Book (9789780130862402)

Yet another book on expert systems, this one purports to be a tutorial on building them. The book is divided into four parts, which deal with the topics “Why expert systems work,” “The construction of expert systems,” ̶...

May 1 1989  
  Starting LISP for AI
Coxhead P.,  Blackwell Scientific Publications, Ltd., Oxford, UK, 1987.Type: Book (9789780632015443)

Starting LISP for AI introduces readers to the fundamentals of LISP programming and its application to building AI programs. The readers are expected to have some understanding of computing, computer programs, and AI. The book is divided in...

Nov 1 1988  
  Use of a domain model to drive an interactive knowledge-editing tool
Musen M., Fagan L. (ed), Combs D., Shortliffe E. (ed)  International Journal of Man-Machine Studies 26(1): 105-121, 1987. Type: Article

This paper describes OPAL, a knowledge editor intended for use by medical professionals for encoding cancer-therapy management expertise. Techniques for building high-level knowledge acquisition tools are in short supply, which makes OPAL’s ...

May 1 1988  
  KNOs: KNowledge acquisition, dissemination, and manipulation Objects
Tsichritzis D., Fiume E., Gibbs S., Nierstrasz O.  ACM Transactions on Information Systems 5(1): 96-112, 1987. Type: Article

This research paper discusses the use of KNOs (KNowledge acquisition, dissemination, and manipulation Objects) as an advanced, computer-based tool for the office environment. KNO objects manipulate knowledge fragments with their own rules and use ...

Nov 1 1987  
  O-Plan: control in the open planning architecture
Currie K., Tate A.  Expert systems 85 (, Univ. of Warwick, Warwick, UK, 2401986. Type: Proceedings

This paper describes O-Plan, an architecture for a planning system. The O-Plan strategy seems to be intended for development of large planning systems that may include experimental components representing ongoing research. The architecture therefo...

May 1 1987  
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