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Aribaud, Francois
Universiti Pierre et Marie Curie
Paris, France
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  Comparisons and computation of well-founded semantics for disjunctive logic programs
Wang K., Zhou L.  ACM Transactions on Computational Logic 6(2): 295-327, 2005. Type: Article

This rather long paper is a theoretical one, on reasoning about disjunctive information. One starts with a knowledge base built from atoms, a, and their negatives, not a, and structured by some rules of the fo...

Jan 17 2006  
  Pseudorandom generators in propositional proof complexity
Alekhnovich M., Ben-Sasson E., Razborov A., Wigderson A.  SIAM Journal on Computing 34(1): 67-88, 2005. Type: Article

This paper studies the complexity of the inconsistent statement for a system of Boolean functions (S): g1(x1,...,xn)=b<...

Aug 4 2005  
  Event-based operational semantics and a consistency result for real-time concurrent processes with action refinement
Sun X., Zhang W., Wu J.  Journal of Computer Science and Technology 19(6): 828-839, 2004. Type: Article

An event-based operational semantics for a timed language of temporal ordering specifications (LOTOS)-like process algebra ( is introduced in this theoretical paper. The authors examine a language describing the...

Aug 3 2005  
  Developments in language theory: 8th International Conference, DLT 2004, Auckland, New Zealand, December 13-17, Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3340)
Calude C., Calude E.,  SpringerVerlag, 2005.Type: Book (9783540240143)

This book collects the proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Developments in Language Theory (DLT 2004). The five invited papers indicate some dominant topics: the use of monadic second-order logic in the recognizability of sets of...

May 25 2005  
  Using static analysis to validate the SAML single sign-on protocol
Hansen S., Skriver J., Nielson H.  Issues in the theory of security (Proceedings of the 2005 Workshop on Issues in the Theory of Security, Long Beach, California,  Jan 10-11, 2005) 27-40, 2005. Type: Proceedings

In this research paper, the authors study the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) single sign-on (SSO) protocol in the framework of the LySa process calculus, devel...

May 5 2005  
  Predicate abstraction of ANSI-C programs using SAT
Clarke E., Kroening D., Sharygina N., Yorav K.  Formal Methods in System Design 25(2-3): 105-127, 2004. Type: Article

Predicate abstraction is a method used for checking software systems. One looks for a model with a reduced state space; the original data variables are eliminated, and each predicate is represented by a Boolean variable that represents its truth v...

Apr 7 2005  
  Formal language identification: query learning vs. Gold-style learning
Lange S., Zilles S.  Information Processing Letters 91(6): 285-292, 2004. Type: Article

This research paper is devoted to a comparison between the theoretical capabilities of query learning models, in the sense of Angluin [1], and those of models of Gold-style language learning [2], in the frame of indexable classes of recursive lang...

Feb 9 2005  
  Strong normalization of the second-order symmetric -calculus
Yamagata Y.  Information and Computation 193(1): 1-20, 2004. Type: Article

This research paper in mathematical logic is devoted to the lambda-mu calculus of Parigot, completed by the so-called symmetric structural reduction rules, but without the extraction operator; the calculus is exposed in paragraph 2....

Dec 21 2004  
  A type-theoretic foundation of continuations and prompts
Ariola Z., Herbelin H., Sabry A.  ACM SIGPLAN Notices 39(9): 40-53, 2004. Type: Article

This research paper is devoted to the mathematical features of functional languages extended by control operators. More precisely, the goal is to show that a - calculus, previously introduced by the authors [1], is a basis for developing a un...

Dec 20 2004  
  Nonmonotonic proof systems: algebraic foundations
Ghosh S., Chakraborty M.  Fundamenta Informaticae 59(1): 39-65, 2004. Type: Article

In this mathematical research paper, the authors present an algebraic method for nonmonotonic proof systems, in the style of D. Gabbay [1]. More precisely, they study logical systems in which a nonmonotonic consequence relation is combined with th...

Oct 14 2004  
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