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ACM Transactions on Graphics
ACM Press
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  Multi-contact locomotion using a contact graph with feasibility predictors
Kang C., Lee S.  ACM Transactions on Graphics 36(2): 1-14, 2017. Type: Article

A method to compose multi-contact locomotion for characters in complex environments is proposed in this paper. This is accomplished through a two-step process, where existing motion data is first pre-processed into a contact graph, after which an ...

Aug 10 2017
  Efficient 3D object segmentation from densely sampled light fields with applications to 3D reconstruction
Yücer K., Sorkine-Hornung A., Wang O., Sorkine-Hornung O.  ACM Transactions on Graphics 35(3): 1-15, 2016. Type: Article

To segment a static foreground object from a highly cluttered background in an image can be tricky. But how about using an image sequence? Is it true that the more images we have, the better we can do? This paper shows that a considerable speed an...

Jul 27 2016
  Simulating rigid body fracture with surface meshes
Zhu Y., Bridson R., Greif C.  ACM Transactions on Graphics 34(4): 1-11, 2015. Type: Article

Simulation of rigid body fracturing has been a hot research topic in computer graphics and applied sciences, such as collision detection and the simulation of explosions. Many methods have been proposed and applied to rigid body fracturing, includ...

Feb 16 2016
  Painting-to-3D model alignment via discriminative visual elements
Aubry M., Russell B., Sivic J.  ACM Transactions on Graphics 33(2): 1-14, 2014. Type: Article

Generating 3D models of historical photographs, paintings, and line drawings using discriminative visual elements that align automatically is a recent trend in computer vision applications. These studies enhance the visualization of details, turni...

Sep 2 2014
  Context-based coherent surface completion
Harary G., Tal A., Grinspun E.  ACM Transactions on Graphics 33(1): 1-12, 2014. Type: Article

Surface completion is an active area of research in computer graphics. Many times the mesh that represents a physical object has holes that may not be due to the scanning process, but rather because the item is broken or incomplete. Most algorithm...

Aug 7 2014
  Field-aligned mesh joinery
Cignoni P., Pietroni N., Malomo L., Scopigno R.  ACM Transactions on Graphics 33(1): 1-12, 2014. Type: Article

The computer graphics field has become more physical in recent years. While images are still considered the end goal by many, there is growing interest in the graphics community to create physical objects that can be touched and held. Cignoni and ...

Apr 10 2014
  Patch-based high dynamic range video
Kalantari N., Shechtman E., Barnes C., Darabi S., Goldman D., Sen P.  ACM Transactions on Graphics 32(6): 1-8, 2013. Type: Article

In the past, high dynamic range (HDR) techniques have only been widely adopted for still imaging systems, due to the lack of cost-effective HDR motion capture devices. Without supporting hardware, it is reasonable to consider a software approach. ...

Jan 31 2014
  Robust inside-outside segmentation using generalized winding numbers
Jacobson A., Kavan L., Sorkine-Hornung O.  ACM Transactions on Graphics 32(4): 1-12, 2013. Type: Article

When dealing with computer processes such as animation, physically based simulations, and geometry processing, it is imperative that the objects appear as realistic and accurate as possible. This is not necessary when dealing exclusively with the ...

Dec 2 2013
  Eulerian-on-Lagrangian simulation
Fan Y., Litven J., Levin D., Pai D.  ACM Transactions on Graphics 32(3): 1-9, 2013. Type: Article

Advances in computer graphics continue to revolutionize the production of animation tools for mimicking complicated contacts among objects such as penguins and deferred colliding elastic spheres and plastic cylinders, which are mentioned in the pa...

Sep 12 2013
  Fast oriented bounding box optimization on the rotation group SO(3,ℝ)
Chang C., Gorissen B., Melchior S.  ACM Transactions on Graphics 30(5): 1-16, 2011. Type: Article

Fitting oriented bounding boxes (OBBs) in real-time applications, such as the rapid rendering of 3D scenes and the discovery of interference, is an open research problem. Hierarchical OBB trees are used to minimize the computational time in the de...

Aug 28 2013
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