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ACM Transactions on Database Systems
ACM Press
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  B-trees and cache-oblivious B-trees with different-sized atomic keys
Bender M., Ebrahimi R., Hu H., Kuszmaul B.  ACM Transactions on Database Systems 41(3): 1-33, 2016. Type: Article

The problem of creating B-tree-like dictionaries with small atomic keys from a system containing large, variable-size records is the subject of this paper. These kinds of dictionaries provide guaranteed performance, enhancing the search procedures...

Sep 13 2016
  Flexible and extensible preference evaluation in database systems
Levandoski J., Eldawy A., Mokbel M., Khalefa M.  ACM Transactions on Database Systems 38(3): 1-43, 2013. Type: Article

Recent database query languages have been designed to provide adaptable, helpful, and sophisticated instruments that produce query output sets better matched to user preferences or needs. This paper describes such an adaptable tool, FlexPref, whic...

Dec 17 2013
  Moving spatial keyword queries: formulation, methods, and analysis
Wu D., Yiu M., Jensen C.  ACM Transactions on Database Systems 38(1): 1-47, 2013. Type: Article

As the availability of spatial information increases and location-aware services and applications proliferate, the efficient processing of spatial queries is becoming more important. Keyword- or content-based querying introduces the need to weight...

Oct 4 2013
  Schema matching and embedded value mapping for databases with opaque column names and mixed continuous and discrete-valued data fields
Jaiswal A., Miller D., Mitra P.  ACM Transactions on Database Systems 38(1): 1-34, 2013. Type: Article

Schema matching is a key enabler for addressing data access and knowledge acquisition in this new era of data deluge. Streams from big data and heterogeneous databases produce huge demands for analytics and information discovery. In that sense, th...

Jul 30 2013
  Determining the currency of data
Fan W., Geerts F., Wijsen J.  ACM Transactions on Database Systems 37(4): 1-46, 2012. Type: Article

Dirty data refers to inaccurate, incomplete, or erroneous data in a computer system. One form of dirty data is created when relational databases contain multiple relations for an entity. Determining which of the entity attribute values are correct...

Mar 27 2013
  Comparing workflow specification languages: a matter of views
Abiteboul S., Bourhis P., Vianu V.  ACM Transactions on Database Systems 37(2): 1-59, 2012. Type: Article

How do you compare different workflow specification languages such as the business process execution language (BPEL) or business process modeling notation (BPMN), given their utterly different notations and dissimilar execution semantics? This the...

Jan 15 2013
  The Monte Carlo Database System: stochastic analysis close to the data
Jampani R., Xu F., Wu M., Perez L., Jermaine C., Haas P.  ACM Transactions on Database Systems 36(3): 1-41, 2011. Type: Article

The main subject of the paper relates to using Monte Carlo simulation on databases to allow the creation of future scenarios flexible enough to allow a what-if hypothesis. It combines database theory with Monte Carlo methods; for example, “W...

Apr 24 2012
  Processing spatial skyline queries in both vector spaces and spatial network databases
Sharifzadeh M., Shahabi C., Kazemi L.  ACM Transactions on Database Systems 34(3): 1-45, 2009. Type: Article

Increasingly, various contexts call for queries where one is seeking a set of objects (points) from the database that form a skyline (no other point dominates them). These queries have been dubbed skyline queries. They are specified through a set ...

Feb 16 2010
  Input-sensitive scalable continuous join query processing
Agarwal P., Xie J., Yang J., Yu H.  ACM Transactions on Database Systems 34(3): 1-41, 2009. Type: Article

This paper provides an excellent overview of continuous query processing. It successfully shows why continuous queries are an important part of today’s applications....

Dec 14 2009
  Efficient online index construction for text databases
Lester N., Moffat A., Zobel J.  ACM Transactions on Database Systems 33(3): 1-33, 2008. Type: Article

In many information retrieval applications, the update of inverted index structures needs to be online, since such indexes should always be current and accessible for query processing. This study introduces an online index construction technique f...

Feb 2 2009
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