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ACM Transactions on Computational Logic
ACM Press
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  The logical view on continuous Petri nets
Blondin M., Finkel A., Haase C., Haddad S.  ACM Transactions on Computational Logic 18(3): 1-28, 2017. Type: Article

The reachability problem for standard Petri nets is EXPSPACE hard, and the coverability problem is EXPSPACE complete. However, more efficient algorithms exist for variants of the standard nets. Continuous Petri nets are such a variant that allows ...

Nov 17 2017
  May-happen-in-parallel analysis for actor-based concurrency
Albert E., Flores-Montoya A., Genaim S., Martin-Martin E.  ACM Transactions on Computational Logic 17(2): 1-39, 2015. Type: Article

When we run a program on a modern compiler, or in a browser, what is it that makes the program execute reasonably quickly, and without using unreasonable amounts of space, or, if we are running on a smartphone, without using too much energy? Partl...

Apr 28 2016
  Concurrent dynamic algebra
Furusawa H., Struth G.  ACM Transactions on Computational Logic 16(4): 1-38, 2015. Type: Article

Furusawa and Struth construct an algebra of multirelations (where an element is related to a set of elements) motivated by Peleg’s concurrent dynamic logic [1]. Sequential composition is no longer associative and interacts with parallel comp...

Nov 5 2015
   Computational complexity via finite types
Asperti A.  ACM Transactions on Computational Logic 16(3): 1-25, 2015. Type: Article

Undergraduate-level computer science can feel disjointed at times: for example, at that level, one feels that operating systems and programming languages are entirely separate subdisciplines, whose practitioners have apparently never spoken to one...

Sep 1 2015
  Two-variable separation logic and its inner circle
Demri S., Deters M.  ACM Transactions on Computational Logic 16(2): 1-36, 2015. Type: Article

Separation logic, an extension of Hoare logic, is currently a very active area of research. This paper investigates the expressiveness of this logic by exploring various restricted forms of it. Relations between fragments of separation logic and r...

Jun 23 2015
  The ordering principle in a fragment of approximate counting
Atserias A., Thapen N.  ACM Transactions on Computational Logic 15(4): 1-11, 2014. Type: Article

This paper solves an open problem in the field of bounded arithmetic. Bounded arithmetic is an area developed for the logical analysis of the expressive properties of the polynomial hierarchy in theoretical computer science [1]. Fragments of bound...

Jan 27 2015
  A certified reduction strategy for homological image processing
Poza M., Domínguez C., Heras J., Rubio J.  ACM Transactions on Computational Logic 15(3): Article No. 23, 2014. Type: Article

True-life biomedical images, such as the synapses of neurons, are too large and onerous to process. How should the data structures of huge digital images be reliably condensed without losing their homological properties? Poza et al. propose a spec...

Nov 6 2014
  Safety and liveness, weakness and strength, and the underlying topological relations
Eisner C., Fisman D., Havlicek J.  ACM Transactions on Computational Logic 15(2): 1-44, 2014. Type: Article

Many temporal logics include weak and strong versions of operators: a strong one guarantees that a property eventually holds while a weak one does not. This paper characterizes which operators form a weak/strong pair, making precise the folklore k...

Sep 5 2014
  Graph reachability and pebble automata over infinite alphabets
Tan T.  ACM Transactions on Computational Logic 14(3): 1-31, 2013. Type: Article

It is known that a sentence of first-order logic of quantifier rank k can only express reachability in a directed graph of diameter at most 2k. Thus, general directed graph reachability is not expre...

Nov 7 2013
  Epistemic strategies and games on concurrent processes
Chatzikokolakis K., Knight S., Palamidessi C., Panangaden P.  ACM Transactions on Computational Logic 13(4): 1-35, 2012. Type: Article

Among the early process algebras, Hoare’s communicating sequential processes (CSP) [1] had an explicit syntax of process names, which could be thought of as “agents” that executed the processes. The communication mechanism involv...

Apr 1 2013
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