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  Control Structure Reliability, Testing, And Fault-Tolerance (B.1.3) See Reviews  
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Diagnostics (2)
Error-Checking (9)
Redundant Design (4)
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Reviews about "Control Structure Reliability, Testing, And Fault-Tolerance (B.1.3)":
Area-energy tradeoffs of logic wear-leveling for BTI-induced aging
Ashraf R., Khoshavi N., Alzahrani A., DeMara R., Kiamehr S., Tahoori M.  CF 2016 (Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Computing Frontiers, Como, Italy,  May 16-19, 2016) 37-44, 2016. Type: Proceedings
Fault Injection for Dependability Validation: A Methodology and Some Applications
Arlat J., Aguera M., Amat L., Crouzet Y., Fabre J., Laprie J., Martins E., Powell D.  IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 16(2): 166-182, 1990. Type: Article
Error-Control Coding in Computers
Fujiwara E., Pradhan D.  Computer 23(7): 63-72, 1990. Type: Article
Automatic Recognition of Intermittent Failures: An Experimental Study of Field Data
Iyer R., Young L., Iyer P.  IEEE Transactions on Computers 39(4): 525-537, 1990. Type: Article
Formal Verification of Fault Tolerance Using Theorem-Proving Techniques
J J., Smith B., Wojcik A.  IEEE Transactions on Computers 38(3): 366-376, 1989. Type: Article
Transient fault management in systems based on the AMD 2900 microprocessors
Antola A., Erényi I., Scarabottolo N. (ed)  Microprocessing and Microprogramming 17(4): 205-217, 1986. Type: Article
Concurrent fault detection in microprogrammed control units
Iyengar V., Kinney L.  IEEE Transactions on Computers 34(9): 810-821, 1985. Type: Article
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B.1.3 Control Structure Reliability, Testing, And Fault-Tolerance
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