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  Reliability, Testing, And Fault-Tolerance (B.3.4) See Reviews  
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Diagnostics (1)
Error-Checking (4)
Redundant Design (3)
Test Generation (3)
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Reviews about "Reliability, Testing, And Fault-Tolerance (B.3.4)":
Partitioning techniques for partially protected caches in resource-constrained embedded systems
Lee K., Shrivastava A., Dutt N., Venkatasubramanian N.  ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems 15(4): 1-30, 2010. Type: Article
3D parity checking models for errors in RAM memories used in space on-board computers
Kuo N., Gough M.  Microprocessors & Microsystems 12(7): 599-605, 1988. Type: Article
An overview of deterministic functional RAM chip testing
Van de Goor A., Verruijt C.  ACM Computing Surveys 22(1): 5-33, 1990. Type: Article
Random Pattern Testing Versus Deterministic Testing of RAMs
David R., Fuentes A., Courtois B.  IEEE Transactions on Computers 38(5): 637-650, 1989. Type: Article
Parallel Testing for Pattern-Sensitive Faults in Semiconductor Random-Access Memories
Mazumder P., Patel J.  IEEE Transactions on Computers 38(3): 394-407, 1989. Type: Article
A triple modular redundancy technique providing multiple-bit error protection without using extra redundancy
van Gils W.  IEEE Transactions on Computers 35(7): 623-631, 1986. Type: Article
The reliability of computer memories
McEliece R.  Scientific American 252(1): 88-95, 1985. Type: Article
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B.3.4 Reliability, Testing, And Fault-Tolerance
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