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  Cryptography policy
Hoffman L., Ali F., Heckler S., Huybrechts A.  Communications of the ACM 37(9): 109-117, 1994. Type: Article

The security of information is a real problem. To solve it, specialists are developing different techniques to protect data. One of them is encryption. Encryption is just beginning to emerge as a significant part of the computer security market.
Feb 1 1996
  Differential cryptanalysis of the data encryption standard
Biham E., Shamir A.,  Springer-Verlag, London, UK, 1993.Type: Book (9780387979304)

A cryptanalytic method of attack called “differential cryptanalysis” is described in this compact but useful book. The attack is applicable to a variety of cryptographic systems, and the book shows how it can be used with full versions...

Feb 1 1994
  Superimposing encrypted data
Yu K., Yu T.  Communications of the ACM 34(2): 48-54, 1991. Type: Article

The authors are concerned with the processing of encrypted data. For example, could we take an encrypted amount in hundreds of dollars and convert it to yen (that is, multiply it by a known constant, such as 12,689), thus obtaining an encrypted ...

Aug 1 1991
  Integrating security in a large distributed system
Satyanarayanan M.  ACM Transactions on Computer Systems 7(3): 247-280, 1989. Type: Article

Andrew is a distributed computer system at Carnegie-Mellon University. It currently consists of a network and 15 servers which are collectively called Vice, 400 UNIX workstations (Virtues), and about 1200 users. It will ultimately increase in size...

May 1 1990
  How to construct pseudorandom permutations from pseudorandom functions
Luby M. (ed), Rackoff C.  SIAM Journal on Computing 17(2): 373-386, 1988. Type: Article

The authors’ main purpose in this paper is to propose an efficient strategy for the construction of a pseudorandom invertible permutation generator from a pseudorandom function generator. By combining this strategy with the previous result t...

Jul 1 1989
  Processing encrypted data
Ahituv N., Lapid Y., Neumann S.  Communications of the ACM 30(9): 777-780, 1987. Type: Article

In this paper the authors consider several means of encrypting data so that arithmetic operations can be performed on the data without decryption. They limit themselves to cases in which the operation performed on both plaintext and ciphertext is ...

Dec 1 1988
  Cycle structure of the DES for keys having palindromic (or antipalindromic) sequences of round keys
Moore J., Simmons G.  IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering SE-13(2): 262-273, 1987. Type: Article

The data encryption standard (DES) is an encryption method of substantial practical importance; it is widely used in commercial transactions. This paper deals with an issue that is directly related to the question of how secure the DES is. The sta...

Feb 1 1988
  On the key storage requirements for secure terminals
Jansen C.  Computers and Security 5(2): 145-149, 1986. Type: Article

The author of this paper is employed by Philips Usfa in the development of cryptographic equipment. As a consequence, he is appropriately equipped to present some deliberations on practical encryption applications....

Mar 1 1987
  Analytic methods in the analysis and design of number-theoretic algorithms
Bach E.,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, 1985.Type: Book (9789780262022194)

This book was published in the “ACM Distinguished Dissertations” series published by MIT Press. This reflects its high standing in the annual contest of doctoral dissertations in computer science and engineering; the contest is cospons...

May 1 1986
  A randomized protocol for signing contracts
Even S., Goldreich O., Lempel A.  Communications of the ACM 28(6): 637-647, 1985. Type: Article

The increasing acceptance of electronic mail as a business tool has revealed a few problems which have not been manifested in its nonelectronic counterpart. Thus, the signing of a contract between two parties necessitates the electronic exchange o...

Dec 1 1985
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