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  Fast design exploration for performance, power and accuracy tradeoffs in FPGA-based accelerators
Ulusel O., Nepal K., Bahar R., Reda S.  ACM Transactions on Reconfigurable Technology and Systems 7(1): 1-22, 2014. Type: Article

Design space exploration is a critical development stage for hardware design. With the growing complexity of applications and the corresponding hardware we design to accelerate them, the task of exploring the wide variety of potential hardware arc...

Jun 3 2014
  Synthesis of arithmetic circuits: FPGA, ASIC and embedded systems
Deschamps J., Bioul G., Sutter G.,  Wiley-Interscience, New York, NY, 2006. 576 pp. Type: Book (9780471687832)

This is perhaps the best and most thorough digital arithmetic design book in print. While it is mostly oriented toward practicing engineers, the well-engineered blend between basic theory, algorithm descriptions, and real-life implementations will...

Jun 8 2006
  Cherry: checkpointed early resource recycling in out-of-order microprocessors
Martínez J., Renau J., Huang M., Prvulovic M., Torrellas J.  Microarchitecture (Proceedings of the 35th annual ACM/IEEE international symposium, Istanbul, Turkey,  Nov 18-22, 2002) 3-14, 2002. Type: Proceedings

A proposal to combine previous techniques to make better use of resources (registers) in superscalar processors, based on early recycling, is presented in this paper. This new technique was tested on both a load/store queue and reorder buffer....

Jan 7 2004
  Semi-Logarithmic Number Systems
Muller J., Scherbyna A., Tisserand A.  IEEE Transactions on Computers 47(2): 145-151, 1998. Type: Article

Semi-logarithmic number systems, which are intermediate between the standard floating-point systems and logarithmic systems, are described and analyzed. They are parameterized by an integer, k, which corresponds to the number of...

Dec 1 1998
  Logic and computer design fundamentals
Mano M., Kime C.,  Prentice-Hall, Inc., Upper Saddle River, NJ, 1997.Type: Book (9780131820982)

It is probably difficult to find a text on computer architecture that will satisfy teachers of both computer engineering and computer science. Most of the several excellent texts on computer architecture now available lean more toward the hardware...

Sep 1 1997
  Digital integrated circuits
Rabaey J.,  Prentice-Hall, Inc., Upper Saddle River, NJ, 1996.Type: Book (9780131786097)

Rabaey has written a terrific text on digital integrated circuits. It is written in an easygoing style and is not pedantic, yet it conveys a tremendous amount of information. It is suitable for three purposes: an advanced undergraduate college dig...

Dec 1 1996
  Digital circuit design for computer science students
Wirth N.,  Springer-Verlag, London, UK, 1995.Type: Book (9783540585770)

When high-level programming languages sorely needed simplification and clarification in the 1960s and 1970s, Niklaus Wirth came to the rescue with Algol W and Pascal, which evolved into Modula and Oberon. Now hardware description languages (HDLs) ...

Sep 1 1996
  Using microprocessors and microcomputers (3rd ed.)
Wray W., Greenfield J.,  Prentice-Hall, Inc., Upper Saddle River, NJ, 1994.Type: Book (9780135943915)

As I pointed out in my review of the previous edition [1], the book title is misleading: there is no single “Motorola family” as such, but rather separate 6800, 6809, and 68000 microprocessor families, as well as 6801 and 6805 microcon...

Mar 1 1995
  Transputer hardware and system design
Hinton J., Pinder A.,  Prentice-Hall, Inc., Upper Saddle River, NJ, 1993.Type: Book (9780139530012)

Transputers are a family of microprocessors created by  INMOS,  now owned by SGI Thompson. Transputers are fast RISC processors that were especially designed to facilitate simple single-processor as well as multiprocessor designs. To ach...

Feb 1 1995
  Digital systems
Tocci R.,  Prentice-Hall, Inc., Upper Saddle River, NJ, 1991.Type: Book (9780132131339)

Little or no previous background in math or electronics is required for this introductory text on the principles of digital logic systems. It is a substantially revised edition of the author’s 1988 text, with new material and added examples,...

Nov 1 1991
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