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  Language, cohesion and form (Studies in Natural Language Processing)
Masterman M., Wilks Y., Boguraev B., Bird S., HIndle D., Kay M., McDonald D., Uszkoreit H.,  Cambridge University Press, New York, NY, 2005. 322 pp. Type: Book (9780521454896)

Readers of this roughly 300-page work will be treated to a time capsule of the deep, experimental, and tentative thoughts of linguist and philosopher Margaret Masterman, and her influence on research in the pre-dawn of computational linguistics. A...

Aug 3 2006
  Wide coverage natural language processing using kernel methods and neural networks for structured data
Menchetti S., Costa F., Frasconi P., Pontil M.  Pattern Recognition Letters 26(12): 1896-1906, 2005. Type: Article

With the availability of huge amounts of electronically accessible texts, real-life natural language processing (NLP) has become a major application area of machine learning (ML). However, the best-studied ML algorithms were originally designed fo...

May 10 2006
  Accessor variety criteria for Chinese word extraction
Feng H., Chen K., Deng X., Zheng W.  Computational Linguistics 30(1): 75-93, 2004. Type: Article

The extraction of unknown words--such as compound nouns, and the names of people and organizations--is crucial for success in broad areas of language processing in Chinese, including machine translation and information retrieval. General...

Jan 7 2005
  Verb class disambiguation using informative priors
Lapata M., Brew C.  Computational Linguistics 30(1): 45-73, 2004. Type: Article

To appreciate this dense and detailed paper, the reader will definitely need a computational linguistics background. The authors extend Levin’s work [1] on verb recognition. Some verbs are not ambiguous, but some are. They apply a relatively...

Oct 29 2004
  Weaving a lexicon
Hall D., Waxman S.,  Bradford Book, 2004.Type: Book (9780262582490)

Editors Hall and Waxman, aided by numerous contributors, have developed a rich tapestry of multi-dimensional approaches to language learning in children. Although the studies are divided into two parts (early and later lexical acquisitions), the c...

Sep 9 2004
  Learning ontologies from natural language texts
Shamsfard M., Barforoush A.  International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 60(1): 17-63, 2004. Type: Article

Ontologies are widely used in information systems. Major problems in building ontologies include a lack of standards to integrate, the use of fixed categories based on a single viewpoint, and the absence of automatic knowledge acquisition methods....

Apr 22 2004
  Augmenting user interfaces with adaptive speech commands
Gorniak P., Roy D.  Multimodal interfaces (Proceedings of the 5th international conference, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada,  Nov 5-7, 2003) 176-179, 2003. Type: Proceedings

An alternative approach for speech-augmented user interfaces, compared to the standard method of using a predefined set of commands, is described in this paper. Using this system, the user can speak words while performing an action, during an inte...

Feb 11 2004
  Iterated learning: a framework for the emergence of language
Smith K., Kirby S., Brighton H.  Artificial Life 9(4): 371-386, 2003. Type: Article

Linguists traditionally view language as the result of an innate language instinct, which has evolved via natural selection for some social function. This paper argues that language evolves by cultural transition, by a new generation learning ling...

Feb 10 2004
  An evaluation method of words tendency depending on time-series variation and its improvements
Atlam E., Okada M., Shishibori M., Aoe J.  Information Processing and Management: an International Journal 38(2): 157-171, 2002. Type: Article

Text searching techniques usually calculate the degree of similarity between the user’s input text and the retrieved texts. Ohkubo et al. [1] proposed a method to estimate search keyword popularity in a given period of time, and demonstrated...

Jun 3 2003
  Speech, hearing and neural network models
Nakagawa S., Shikano K., Tohkura Y.,  Ohmsha, Tokyo, Japan, 1995.Type: Book (9789051991789)

The goal of this book is to describe speech mechanisms and phenomena that form the basis for applications such as speech recognition and synthesis and the application of neural networks in these fields. Its intended audience consists mainly of eng...

May 1 1997
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