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December 19, 2018

Data-driven concurrency for high performance computing
Fine-grained dataflow computing creates circumstances that technologies, particularly hardware technologies, have difficulty handling. However, techniques like coarsening computational grain and substituting software for hardware, as described in this paper, can help realize the... more
There are two important scientific statements that Aristotle makes about memory: First, the elementary unit of memory... more
- James A. Anderson, Andras Pellionisz, and Edward Rosenfeld (2003)
A pattern language for scalable microservices-based systems: ECSA 18

Identifying and codifying scalability issues across microservices-based distributed systems is challenging. This paper provides “a preliminary list of microservices architecture patterns” and “a principled patterns... more

Software Architectures (D.2.11) | Dec 14 18

Integrity-verifiable conjunctive keyword searchable encryption in cloud storage: International Journal of Information Security

Nowadays, data is becoming more and more confidential and sensitive, hence the growing need for encryption. But once data is encrypted, so are the keywords needed to search for it. So people... more

Data Encryption (E.3) | Dec 14 18

Infrastructural inaccessibility: tech entrepreneurs in occupied Palestine: ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction

The paper describes how “tech entrepreneurs in occupied Palestine” are hindered by a lack of access to infrastructure. Particular immediate issues are... more

Organizational Impacts (K.4.3) | Dec 12 18

Research and application of block chain technology in crowdsourcing platform: ICEMC 18

Crowdsourcing is heavily dependent on mutual trust between key stakeholders in order to succeed, and lack of trust often leads to failures. Even exclusive platforms created to support crowdsourcing haven’t been... more

Electronic Commerce (K.4.4) | Dec 11 18

A verified SAT solver framework with learn, forget, restart, and incrementality: Journal of Automated Reasoning

SAT solvers are automatic decision procedures for the propositional satisfiability problem; they play an important role in planning... more

Learning (I.2.6) | Dec 10 18

Words become worlds: the LIT ROOM, a literacy support tool at room-scale: DIS 18

Different technologies may well become valuable tools for combating global childhood illiteracy. But how should cost-effective technologies be made available to help solve the digital divide and reading difficulties of... more

User Interfaces (H.5.2) | Dec 7 18

On an new algorithm for function approximation with full accuracy in the presence of discontinuities based on the immersed interface method: Journal of Scientific Computing

Linear algorithms for the approximation of smooth functions are stable and convergent, but if the functions are piecewise continuous then we encounter... more

Approximation (G.1.2) | Dec 6 18

Online estimation of discrete, continuous, and conditional joint densities using classifier chains: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

When considering data streams, the entire data stream is not available in one shot and estimates are needed, thus it is difficult to apply... more

Data Mining (H.2.8...) | Dec 6 18

Big data analytics in science: YouTube

The presenter frequently refers to slides on a screen via hand gestures; however, except for one instance, less than one-quarter of any slide is ever visible in the video. As a result, the presented material is very... more

General (H.2.0) | Dec 5 18

SQL tester: an online SQL assessment tool and its impact: ITiCSE 18

SQL Tester is an online practice and assessment tool for structured query language (SQL). Its code is available on GitHub. Students can answer the questions in any order and make as many attempts as they want... more

SQL (H.2.3...) | Dec 4 18

Building games with Ethereum smart contracts

Cryptocurrencies are a source of much speculation. While Bitcoin is the most widely known form of cryptocurrency, Ethereum is operating in a similar space. Here, two veteran actors in the field, Kedar Iyer and Chris... more
Games (I.2.1...) | Dec 19 18

Advances in computers: volume 108

The Advances in Computers series started in 1960 [1]. Each year, several volumes are printed; each volume contains four to seven chapters, with each chapter written by leading researchers who summarize the state of the art in their specific field. Four volumes... more
General (A.0) | Dec 18 18

Analytical performance modeling for computer systems (3rd ed.)

Performance measurement and modeling is essential for both real systems and systems being modeled in a research environment. Without good models and tests to verify that the systems match those models, it can be... more
Modeling of Computer Architecture (C.0...) | Dec 17 18

Machine learning for data streams

Data streams are everywhere. Sensors, people, and several applications continuously produce data streams, that is, related data items in temporal order, like the ones in financial markets or social media. They are also referred to as big data due to their high volume... more
Learning (I.2.6) | Dec 13 18

Advanced concepts for renewable energy supply of data centres

Data centers are large critical infrastructure facilities devoted to the data processing, data storage, and communications needed by an ever-growing number and diversity of services; they must stay... more
General (H.2.0) | Dec 7 18

Network routing (2nd ed.)

Network routing is an important aspect of networks. Routing architectures, algorithms, protocols, analysis, and operational deployment are investigated in this book via a detailed approach. The book has six parts. The first part (four chapters) starts with an introduction... more
Routing Protocols (C.2.2...) | Dec 4 18

Assessing and improving prediction and classification

There is an increased interest in machine learning (ML) in both academy and industry. One consequence is a greater demand for textbooks and other educational materials that explain the different facets of ML... more
Classifier Design & Evaluation (I.5.2...) | Nov 28 18

The book of why

The well-known 20th century scientist J. B. S. Haldane is famously quoted as having said, “Teleology is like a mistress to a biologist: he cannot live without her, but he’s unwilling to be seen with her in public.” Haldane’s point was that teleology, the study of purposes... more
Probability & Statistics (G.3) | Nov 27 18

Quantum computing

The book covers applications in quantum computing, along with some fundamental research. The application areas include cryptography, networking, image processing, optimization, and multi-user systems. The research work includes quantum field theory... more
Public Key Cryptosystems (E.3...) | Nov 26 18

Smart cards, tokens, security and applications (2nd ed.)

This edited book is divided into 18 chapters. Chapter 1 defines the concepts of smart cards, chips, and tamper resistance, and introduces issuer control and the main smart card applications, application development, roll... more
Security & Protection (K.6.5) | Nov 21 18

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