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November 18, 2019

The Linux command line: a complete introduction (2nd ed.)
This is a wonderful introduction and tutorial meant to make readers comfortable and productive in the command line. It is not about system administration, Bash scripts, or any other tool, although they are all mentioned and covered at some length. It is about... more
Gödel’s conclusions bear on the question whether a calculating machine can be constructed that would match the human brain in mathematical intelligence... more
- E. Nagel, J.R. Newman (1958)
Machine learning education for artists, musicians, and other creative practitioners: ACM Trans. on Computing Education

Together with colleagues from computer science, agriculture, food science, biology, and related fields, I am currently working on a framework for teaching artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning... more

Computer Science Education (K.3.2...) | Nov 15 19

Automatic software repair: a bibliography: ACM Computing Surveys

There is a well-known saying in Silicon Valley about the omnipresence of programmable computers in our everyday life: software is eating the world, but unfortunately each bite comes with bugs. Such software can even be a threat to... more

Testing & Debugging (D.2.5) | Nov 13 19

Code Mining: IEEE Software

Can machine learning techniques be applied to software analysis to find bugs? That is, show a machine learning system examples of good and bad programs for training and then ask it to classify new code. The article begins with this question. Though admittedly not a... more

Data Mining (H.2.8...) | Nov 12 19

HIFUN - a high level functional query language for big data analytics: Journal of Intelligent Information Systems

Many big data projects have been developed over the past 15 years, and developments continue today. However, their formalism is different and specific to the implementation. A common... more

Query Languages (H.2.3...) | Nov 12 19

2018: a big year for privacy: Communications of the ACM

Privacy and security issues reached high visibility in 2018, with many major publicized incidents. Carl Landwehr starts with the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica scandal, and then describes regulatory efforts... more

Security, Integrity & Protection (H.2.0...) | Nov 7 19

Engineering trustworthy systems: Communications of the ACM

In this article--an extract of his book on 223 security principles [1]--Saydjari discusses the ten “most fundamental” principles. Both the book and article are addressed to software engineers who want to... more

Security (K.6.m...) | Nov 4 19

On the profitability of bundling sale strategy for online service markets with network effects: ACM Trans. on Internet Technology

Online services are usually provided over the Internet and telecommunications infrastructure. The online services focused on in this paper include... more

Network Architecture & Design (C.2.1) | Nov 4 19

Dual-page checkpointing: ACM Trans. on Architecture and Code Optimization

In-memory computing is one of the most important paradigm shifts in today’s processing models. This interesting and innovative approach is possible because not only do we have new ideas on how to... more

Network Architecture & Design (C.2.1) | Nov 1 19

Convolutional neural networks in APL: ARRAY 19

After a short introduction, the authors show how to implement a convolutional neural network (CNN) in APL, a programming language based on a multidimensional array, illustrated by an example CNN for handwriting recognition on the Modified National Institute of... more

Concurrent Programming (D.1.3) | Oct 31 19

DeepGauge: ASE 18

Deep learning systems, driven by the success of deep neural networks (DNNs), are used in a wide variety of application areas, including safety-critical areas such as medical diagnostics and autonomous vehicles. However... more

Testing & Debugging (D.2.5) | Oct 30 19

High performance computing for big data: methodologies and applications

This interesting book covers the latest issues in big data methodologies, with relevant examples to contextualize the content. The examples and discussion are very informative and full of details to guide the reader. The target... more
General (I.0) | Nov 14 19

A new bio-inspired optimization algorithm based on the self-defense mechanism of plants in nature

The length of a long review article, this short book describes the details of a recently developed soft computing (that is, a bio-inspired metaheuristic) algorithm, tested for numerical optimization... more
Optimization (G.1.6) | Nov 14 19

Managing technical debt

Although technical debt has existed in software systems ever since there was software, the term “technical debt” and the metaphor comparing it to financial debt are more recent. This book is intended for practitioners. Its purpose is to provide them with practical advice... more
General (D.2.0) | Nov 13 19

Core Java, volume I--fundamentals (11th ed.)

Core Java is a longstanding series by computer science professor Cay Horstmann, who has written several books on programming languages. This edition is a classic textbook for high school seniors and college freshman. In 2020, Java will be 25 years old. Its... more
Java (D.3.2...) | Nov 12 19

Variant construction from theoretical foundation to applications

This book is a collection of chapters authored primarily by Jeffrey Zheng, who is also the editor. The preface lays out a broad roadmap for expanding vector 0-1 logical systems, highlighting the areas of variant... more
Invariants (F.3.1...) | Nov 11 19

Big data of complex networks

As mentioned in the preface, big data affects every scientist and every domain. This edited book aims at filling gaps in the area of big data of complex networks, from a computer scientist, statistician, and mathematician perspective. The book is research oriented and comprised... more
Database Applications (H.2.8) | Nov 8 19

Nonlocal modeling, analysis, and computation

Nonlocal models are models that generalize partial differential equations (PDEs). In PDE-based modeling, for a point, the values can be verified without using any values of other points. In nonlocal modeling, local values and nonlocal values become part of the... more
Modeling Techniques (C.4...) | Nov 8 19

Data mining and market intelligence

With the huge amounts of data created, data analytics can help with decision making. This brief book is a good resource on market intelligence, with practical examples. It explains data analytics for market intelligence based on statistical methods. Its strength is that it gives... more
Data Mining (H.2.8...) | Nov 7 19

Data-intensive systems

Sustaining progress in big data and data science requires the availability of scalable-enabling infrastructures capable of powering data-intensive applications. Progress in cloud computing, coupled with many years of software systems development... more
General (H.0) | Nov 7 19

The metric society

Most of the public chafes at the thought of being reduced to a number, but Steffen Mau argues that the mediation of mobile technology and social media is doing just that. While not a new argument, this analysis demonstrates that ratings, rankings, and... more
General (H.0) | Nov 6 19

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