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July 14, 2020

Engineering resilient collective adaptive systems by self-stabilisation
Smart cities, together with the Internet of Things (IoT), are becoming reality at an accelerated speed, supported by the fifth generation of mobile technology (5G) and other advances in technology. The supporting networked computational systems include sensors, wearables... more
Today, our fastest, most complex computer, armed with our most sophisticated software, is about as complex as a flatworm. Yet, with its explosive self-improvement... more
- Gregory J. E. Rawlins (1998)
Hospitality of chatbot building platforms: SQUADE 19

Chatbots provide for natural language computer conversations, popularized with personal voice assistants like Siri and Alexa. Suitable architecture frameworks for building chatbots are reframed... more

General (D.2.0) | Jul 9 20

Engineering resilient collective adaptive systems by self-stabilisation: ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation

Smart cities, together with the Internet of Things (IoT), are becoming reality at an accelerated speed, supported by the fifth generation of... more

Software Engineering (D.2) | Jul 8 20

Local distance restricted bribery in voting: AAMAS 19

The bribery problem asks whether there exists an appropriate-“cost” collection of voters in an election such that, if one strategically changes their votes, one’s favored candidate will win. In that model, each... more

Multiagent Systems (I.2.11...) | Jul 6 20

Applying cross project defect prediction approaches to cross-company effort estimation: PROMISE 19

The problem is estimating the effort required to complete a software project. The problem is difficult because of the shortage of data within the project, so a promising strategy is to use data from... more

General (K.6.0) | Jun 30 20

A survey on deep neural network-based image captioning: The Visual Computer

Image captioning is an intriguing problem in the field of computer vision: given an input image, come up with suitable concise text that verbalizes that image well. This is currently a hot topic in the context of image understanding, and... more

Computer Vision (I.5.4...) | Jun 29 20

DeepTest: automated testing of deep-neural-network-driven autonomous cars: ICSE 18

A very promising and well-argued account, this paper presents a novel approach to systematically testing and automatically detecting erroneous behaviors in deep neural network (DNN)-driven vehicles... more

Autonomous Vehicles (I.2.9...) | Jun 23 20

"Accessibility came by accident": CHI 18

Intelligent personal assistants (IPAs) are software packages designed to assist people with basic tasks. They are usually based on voice interaction, as input and output, and natural language understanding, and with the advent of voice-first devices are becoming a spread... more

Miscellaneous (H.5.m) | Jun 23 20

Jupyter Notebook in CS1: WCCCE 19

Having observed the ease with which computer science (CS) students with little to no experience in machine learning can start working with existing code presented through Jupyter Notebooks (JNs), together... more

General (K.3.0) | Jun 17 20

Blurring the lines between blockchains and database systems: SIGMOD 19

In the past decade, we have witnessed the rise of blockchain systems, encouraged by the hype around cryptocurrencies. Blockchain-based systems are capable of storing and sharing information while... more

Transaction Processing (H.2.4...) | Jun 16 20

Keeping master green at scale: EuroSys 19

Huge monolithic repositories, also known as monorepos, are popular in leading technology companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. They support continuous integration, merging all the... more

Testing And Debugging (D.2.5) | Jun 15 20

DevOps for SharePoint

The existence of, and respect for, software engineering principles in the lives of software engineers, developers, and project managers is quite rich. Moving beyond systems development life cycle (SDLC)-driven models such as waterfall and agile has shown the strengths and... more
Automation (K.4.3...) | Jul 14 20

F. A. Hayek: economics, political economy and social philosophy

Understanding and modeling complex phenomena, including businesses, requires abstraction: “the process of suppressing irrelevant detail to establish a simplified model, or the result of that of that process" [1]... more
Biographies/Autobiographies (A.0...) | Jul 13 20

Design of low power integrated radios for emerging standards

Low power radios are in high demand for use in Internet of Things (IoT) devices, where there is a need for small, efficient, and low powered radios for wireless data communications. This book is part of Springer’s... more
General (B.0) | Jul 10 20

Computer and communication networks (2nd ed.)

In every technological field characterized by very fast changes, it is necessary to update the related textbooks with the progress of research and practice. Obviously, this statement refers also to networking, where rapid reactions to book contents are also necessary... more
Data Communications (C.2.0...) | Jul 7 20

Games user research

Games user research (GUR) is a developing field that provides insight into game development, testing, and evaluation, incorporating player/user involvement and the playing and development environments. GUR tends to focus on the game playing philosophy... more
Games (K.8.0...) | Jul 2 20

Trustworthy cyber-physical systems

Users expect a trustworthy system to behave according to its requirements. Trustworthiness is a fundamental design objective for any system that provides critical functions, for example, transportation systems... more
Real-Time & Embedded Systems (D.4.7...) | Jul 1 20

Industrializing innovation--the next revolution

This is a serious book written by serious people about the serious business of innovating innovation. Sharma and Meyer share their considerable knowledge and experience, supported by substantial data and well-researched references, to expound and expand... more
Business (J.1...) | Jun 26 20

Artificial intelligence and conservation

This edited volume is the second book in the publisher’s “Artificial Intelligence for Social Good” series. It is a collection of papers on “research advances in AI that benefit the conservation of wildlife, forests, coral reefs, rivers, and other natural resources.” The... more
General (I.2.0...) | Jun 25 20

Data analysis in bi-partial perspective

Owsinski’s book provides an interesting “bi-partial” strategy for analyzing data; it is not only uniquely general, but also successful in building several useful methods to tackle issues related to data analysis, including algorithms and models. It focuses essentially on the... more
Clustering (H.3.3...) | Jun 24 20

Digital business models: concepts, models, and the alphabet case study

Digital business models is a recent and welcome addition to Springer’s “Progress in IS” series. Wirtz, the Chair for Information and Communication Management at the German University of Administrative... more
Business (J.1...) | Jun 22 20

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