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Pedagogy that supports computer science for all
Ryoo J.  ACM Transactions on Computing Education (TOCE) 19 (4): 1-23, 2019. Type: Article
Date Reviewed: Sep 3 2019

The growing demand for graduates with computer science (CS) skills and knowledge of the area is echoed across all levels of education, and this paper is a timely addition to the movement for more inclusion from all sections of the population. This study focuses on three key questions that directly relate to the teaching and pedagogical practices that effectively engage students in CS studies. The author uses data from three different high schools located on the West Coast of the US; each school includes a diverse student body, which is reflective of the local community demographics.

The data collection and analysis focuses on the relationships between teachers and students and how they work together. Specifically, the author examines the cultural perspectives that help students make sense of CS projects. In all three instances, the teachers report that demystifying CS by contextualizing the subject is critical to a student’s understanding.

The results from this study demonstrate that all students can benefit from contextualized learning; additionally, teachers should consider the cultural and historical experiences of their students when presenting CS topics. This is an important point and should be of interest to all teachers who are working in diverse classrooms. I recommend this paper to all professional educators who wish to improve their teaching practice.

Reviewer:  S. M. Godwin Review #: CR146678
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Computer And Information Science Education (K.3.2 )
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