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Christine Peterson
How I Coined the Term : 2018
"The introduction of the term “open source software” was a deliberate effort to make this field of endeavor more understandable to newcomers and to business, which was viewed as necessary to its spread to a broader community of users. The..."

Apr 2018

Matthew J. Salganik
Bit by Bit: 2018
"In the analog age, most social research had a relatively limited scale and operated within a set of reasonably clear rules. Social research in the digital age is different. Researchers--often in collaboration with companies and governments—..."

Mar 2018

Jenna Wortham
How an Archive of the Internet Could Change History: 2016
"Social media might one day offer a dazzling, and even overwhelming, array of source material for historians. Such an abundance presents a logistical challenge (the total number of tweets ever written is nearing half a trillion) as well as an ethical ..."

Feb 2018

David Sax
Our Love Affair With Digital Is Over: 2017
"Like most relationships we plunge into with hearts aflutter, our love affair with digital technology promised us the world: more friends, money and democracy! Free music, news and same-day shipping of paper towels! A laugh a minute, and a constant pa..."

Jan 2018

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