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Cover Quote: October 1972

You were gay with your bride
But your great gaiety did hide.
Your bride renewed your gaiety
And you reviewed the foolish satiety.
He was grieved at his bride.
But his puny grief did chide.
His bride relieved his grief
And he renewed the silly belief.
In the beginning was the blunt air
One bough of bone across the cloudy blood
One basis of bases across the empty breath
The birth forked that abstracted the first brain
And burning brain on the blood of ciphers
Crosstree and cloud first as they burst.
Louis Milic and Computer, 1969
Still midnight, silent,
Still waters, still frozen,
Battle dusk and far.
The savage, savage
Scarecrow, down in silent dusk,
Frozen, well frozen.
Distance, I listen:
Far weird savage frozen spring,
Old song, echo still.
Glittering midnight:
Our hollow well, glittering,
Silent, savage, weird.

John Morris and Computer, 1967
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