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Omission of quality software development practices : ACM Computing Surveys

Omitting quality assurance practices in software development such as inspection often results in software deficiencies that have to be addressed later. To better understand the factors...
Design (D.2.10) | Jul 26 18

Maximizing polynomials subject to assignment constraints : ACM Transactions on Algorithms

This paper considers “the q-adic assignment problem.” Fix a number q (originally q=2), and suppose we are given, for some number n, a 2q-dimensional...
Algorithm Design & Analysis (G.4...) | Jul 13 18

A Hoare logic for GPU kernels : ACM Transactions on Computational Logic

Graphics processing units (GPUs) are hardware accelerators, originally designed to facilitate the fast rendering of images. Later, they became popular for computing in performance-sensitive areas...
Logics of Programs (F.3.1...) | Aug 8 18

An effective characterization of the alternation hierarchy in two-variable logic : ACM Transactions on Computational Logic

Many interesting properties of words can be described in a first-order language with variables (x, y, ...) for positions and two basic properties: x < y (meaning that x is to the left of y) and Qax (meaning that letter...
Formal Languages (F.4.3) | Jul 6 18

Seamless virtual network for international business continuity in presence of intentional blocks : ACM Transactions on Internet Technology

It is an accepted fact that international borders are vulnerable and permeable when it comes to information technology. This is why international businesses...
Network Management (C.2.3...) | Jul 10 18

Semantics-based analysis of content security policy deployment : ACM Transactions on the Web

Security is one of the biggest concerns in digital societies. Without reasonable levels of security, people will never really embrace the use of technology for tasks that they consider sensitive...
Security (K.4.4...) | Jul 11 18

A moderately exponential time algorithm for k-IBDD satisfiability : Algorithmica

Branching programs can be modeled using binary decision diagrams (BDDs), which are rooted directed acyclic graphs with vertices labeled using variables of the program, and two sink nodes representing...
Algorithm Design & Analysis (G.4...) | Aug 15 18

Improved analysis of complete-linkage clustering : Algorithmica

The authors consider the problem of clustering n points in ℝd into k clusters, where the metric on ℝd has yet to be specified. They consider three possible measures: minimal diameter, minimal radius, and minimal...
Clustering (I.5.3) | Jul 31 18

Scheduling distributed clusters of parallel machines : Algorithmica

As large amounts of data continue to accumulate at never-before-seen rates, it becomes uneconomical to store it at a single location, not to mention storing copies at different locations. One solution is to partition the data...
Scheduling (D.4.1...) | Aug 17 18

Tableau reasoning for description logics and its extension to probabilities : Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence

Zese et al. present Prolog implementations of some reasoning algorithms for description logics (DL). They describe two principal algorithms, TRILL and...
Nondeterministic Languages (D.3.2...) | Jun 28 18

Advanced object-oriented programming in R

Computer science (CS) research has changed dramatically in recent years. It now often involves analyzing large datasets and testing hypotheses through a set of statistical tests. Along this line, R is one of the most widely used programming languages for...
Object-Oriented Programming (D.1.5) | Aug 9 18

Advances in multirate systems

Multirate systems are systems in which multiple sampling rates are used for filtering data/signals. This book describes some advances in multirate systems. The main focus is on digital signal processing (DSP)-related applications. The descriptions in the...
Signal Analysis, Synthesis & Proc. (H.5.5...) | Aug 7 18

Advances in soft computing and machine learning in image processing

Both soft computing techniques and machine learning algorithms have very important tasks in image processing applications. With the artificial intelligence (AI)-based applications emerging in the market today, image processing techniques have gained more...
General (I.4.0) | Jul 19 18

An introduction to partial differential equations

Partial differential equations (PDEs) are used in several branches of engineering and science. For example, physical laws (like conservation of mass, momentum, and energy) model many physical, chemical...
Partial Differential Equations (G.1.8) | Jul 27 18

Artificial intelligence and economic theory

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly used in many areas, including language translation, medical diagnosis, and so on. Of interest here are AI applications in stock market activities. Most investors are aware of programmed trading and high-frequency trading...
Economics (J.4...) | Jul 19 18

Attribute-based access control

Due to the increasing distribution and complexity of current applications, attribute-based access control (ABAC) is slowly becoming the only way to control access. This monograph summarizes the accumulated knowledge on this important subject and has a...
Access Controls (D.4.6...) | Jul 20 18

Business process management cases: digital innovation and business transformation in practice

As the title promises, this book contains case descriptions and case studies. The introductory chapter tries to provide a framework and editorial guidelines for describing cases from business process...
Business (J.1...) | Jul 12 18

Coding literacy: how computer programming is changing writing

Like reading and writing, programming has become an essential fundamental tool to organize information. A few centuries ago, being able to write and read, whether in Spanish, English, or French, was a way to be...
General (D.1.0) | Jul 9 18

Complex networks

As any computer science (CS) undergraduate knows after a first course on algorithms and data structures, graphs provide the most versatile means to represent any situation. By making explicit the pairwise connections between items, they play a critical role in a vast array of...
General (C.2.0) | Aug 1 18

Computer architecture: a quantitative approach (6th ed.)

Computer architecture has evolved over time. Today’s cheap yet powerful computer systems are a result of hardware miniaturization and optimization techniques, among many other factors. Progress will continue as user needs change over time. In order to...
General (C.0) | Aug 13 18

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