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Data science: a comprehensive overview : ACM Computing Surveys

This paper brings together a cohesive picture of data science, a new interdisciplinary academic field, from many different perspectives. In this 42-page...
Introductory & Survey (A.1) | Jan 11 18

Deep learning for mobile multimedia: a survey : ACM Trans. on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications

Deep learning architectures, tools, and algorithms are, in general, not adapted to the storage and computation resources of a mobile device. Thus, one needs...
Learning (I.2.6) | Jan 29 18

A complexity trichotomy for approximately counting list H-colorings : ACM Transactions on Computation Theory

H-colorings are essential in the exploration of language syntax expositions. An H-coloring is the allocation of adjacent colors to neighboring vertices of a...
Complexity Measures & Classes (F.1.3) | Jan 11 18

Optimization and quality estimation of circuit design via random region covering method : ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems

Bi et al. propose a random region covering theory to optimize designs on systems and circuits. The proposed work has been verified on a class-E power...
Design Styles (B.6.1) | Jan 26 18

Dynamics at the boundary of game theory and distributed computing : ACM Transactions on Economics and Computation

The combination of scientific maturity, knowledge, and intelligence can sometimes be the reason and origin of the creation of a worthy artifact. Some...
Games (I.2.1...) | Jan 10 18

Data-driven synchronization for Internet-of-Things systems : ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems

Time synchronization has been an active issue for decades. Stricter timing, energy considerations, external influences, and so on have spurred new studies. Two variants can be found: synchronize the clocks...
Real-Time & Embedded Systems (C.3...) | Feb 13 18

Efficient attack graph analysis through approximate inference : ACM Transactions on Privacy and Security

In the course of this very well-written and interesting research paper, the authors attempt to show how an existing technique can be employed to analyze attack graphs. In computer security, the analysis...
Real-Time & Embedded Systems (C.3...) | Jan 24 18

Accurate and energy-efficient GPS-less outdoor localization : ACM Transactions on Spatial Algorithms and Systems

Location identification has become a central issue within the fields that are related to autonomous driving and autonomous vehicles. Smartphones (and maybe...
Spatial Databases & GIS (H.2.8...) | Jan 19 18

Reducing write amplification of flash storage through cooperative data management with NVM : ACM Transactions on Storage

Flash memory continues to increase in popularity as the storage media of choice for business storage systems. Now “flash memory is an erase-before-write...
Storage Management (D.4.2) | Jan 17 18

A survey of attacks and detection mechanisms on intelligent transportation systems : Ad Hoc Networks

A vehicle ad hoc network (VANET) is a mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) consisting of vehicles and roadside units (RSUs). VANETs are a key technology for future smart car services such as accident alerting...
Wireless Communication (C.2.1...) | Feb 14 18

A new perspective on nonmonotonic logics

Nonmonotonic reasoning derives plausible conclusions from a theory. The theory is sometimes called background knowledge. If new information becomes available showing that some conclusions are wrong, one has to...
Nonmonotonic Reasoning (I.2.3...) | Feb 7 18

A practical approach to compiler construction

Several comprehensive books have been written about compiler construction. Any new book on this topic is inevitably going to be compared against those works. However, by taking a different approach, a new book can set...
Compilers (D.3.4...) | Feb 16 18

Advanced persistent training

How does one bridge the gap between security training best practices and actual daily compromising actions? How does one break shortcut security bad habits? Are training seminars just something to be endured without having any meaningful impact? If you face these...
Security & Protection (K.6.5) | Jan 18 18

Advances in computers: creativity in computing and dataflow supercomputing

Computers and software applications are rapidly overwhelming our day-to-day lives. Computing has seen a rapid rise in the past four decades due to Moore’s law and the doubling of computing...
Parallel Architectures (C.1.4) | Jan 25 18

Advances in user authentication

Authentication involves validating the authenticity of something or someone. This book is on advances in user authentication. It is authored by Dipankar Dasgupta, a faculty member at the University of Memphis, along with his former students Arunava Roy and Abhijit...
Authentication (K.6.5...) | Feb 9 18

All about music

Part of an author’s undergraduate teaching initiative, this book aims to give a broad introduction to the world of music. As opposed to most of Mazzola’s prior books (like [1]), the focus here is less formal and more related to music’s comprehensive ontology, its...
Sound & Music Computing (H.5.5) | Jan 22 18

Architectural and operating system support for virtual memory

Are you a memory management unit (MMU) hardware designer, an operating system kernel programmer, or a student/researcher of modern computer architectures or operating systems? Abhishek Bhattacharjee...
Virtual Memory (D.4.2...) | Feb 9 18

Artificial intelligence (2nd ed.)

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be defined as the study of the design of intelligent computational agents. Unfortunately, this is a recursive definition caused by the lack of a consensus on what intelligence really means. In the past, it could refer to being able to do simple...
Multiagent Systems (I.2.11...) | Jan 23 18

Beginning Python: from novice to professional (3rd ed.)

And now for something completely different. Python, named after Monty Python’s Flying Circus, is an open-source, interpreted, object-oriented programming language available on all major operating...
Python (D.3.2...) | Feb 1 18

Boolean differential calculus

Boolean algebra is the study and use of system representations where each quantity has only two possible values. Because they represent many real-world variables, especially in computing machinery, Boolean systems are widely used but are not...
Ordinary Differential Equations (G.1.7) | Jan 18 18

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