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A survey of methods for explaining black box models : ACM Computing Surveys

Computerized decision support systems have significant social consequences, and yet they are capable of mistakes or bias. Can an autonomous driving system be trusted, for example, when its visual scene...
Decision Support (H.4.2...) | Jan 25 19

Large-scale ontology matching: state-of-the-art analysis : ACM Computing Surveys

The ontology matching or alignment task identifies inconsistencies among concepts, relationships, and instances in two different ontologies and then resolves correspondence relationships. The authors...
Ontologies (I.2.4...) | Jan 25 19

An automatic proving approach to parameterized verification : ACM Transactions on Computational Logic

Network and security protocols occasionally require important but difficult to authenticate parameters such as the number in a communication party. The existing formal proofs of algorithms for verifying the...
Security & Protection (C.2.0...) | Feb 20 19

From being there to watching : ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction

“I was there” is a sentence that in the future might be synonymous with remotely watching, or being telepresent. When the “being there“ means attending scientific events aimed at increasing scientific...
Robotics (I.2.9) | Mar 1 19

Assessing students’ IT professional values in a global project setting : ACM Transactions on Computing Education

This paper is on developing a set of questions to assess students’ professional values. The context for the development is a project-based course involving three universities, two in the US and one in Sweden...
General (K.3.0) | Feb 25 19

A robust machine learning technique to predict low-performing students : ACM Transactions on Computing Education (TOCE)

Academic failure is one of the most important problems in higher education institutions around the world. In a continuous cycle, universities admit new...
Computer Uses in Education (K.3.1) | Mar 20 19

Context-driven and real-time provisioning of data-centric IoT services in the cloud : ACM Transactions on Internet Technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing infrastructure are synonymous in contemporary computing, insomuch as the phenomena relate...
Cloud Computing (C.2.4...) | Mar 21 19

Cross-dependency inference in multi-layered networks : ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data

Current and emerging networks have a duty to promote interconnections for new collaborative research and business between academia and industry. Multi-layered networks require...
Database Applications (H.2.8) | Feb 11 19

An autotuning protocol to rapidly build autotuners : ACM Transactions on Parallel Computing

While autotuning has become a valuable tool for the high-performance computing (HPC) community to achieve “performance portability,” that is, the program runs on the new architecture correctly and...
Parallel Programming (D.1.3...) | Mar 7 19

Spectrum-based fault localization in model transformations : ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology

Model transformation is a recognized cornerstone in software engineering. Any nontrivial software system involves some kind of model transformation (for example, a large and...
Reliability (D.4.5) | Jan 31 19

Absolute FreeBSD (3rd ed.)

There are more than 700 pages in this book, and the author suggests that it should be read in entirety, from front to back! Most readers will be happy to skip the introductory text and jump straight to chapter 2, “Before You Install,” where they can learn what sort of...
Unix (D.4.0...) | Mar 15 19

Advance compression and watermarking technique for speech signals

In a time of increased interest in security assurance, all topics related to watermarking are important. While the book’s focus is securing speech, a technologically related problem of compression is also covered. While...
Data Compaction & Compression (E.4...) | Feb 14 19

Advances in aeronautical informatics

Let me preface this review by saying that as a small-time hobbyist pilot (single engine land), I fly when I may a little general aviation piston airplane; my day job as a computer professional pays for the gasoline. Advances in aeronautical informatics is a work that...
Aerospace (J.2...) | Feb 27 19

An open door to number theory

In 1993, my daughter showed me the New York Times article that announced Andrew Wiles’s 100-plus-page proof (to be successfully corrected two years later) of Fermat’s last theorem (FLT) [1]. Wiles’s “20th-century” proof comprised excursions into algebraic...
General (G.0) | Feb 19 19

Anomaly detection principles and algorithms

Anomaly detection is not only used in cybersecurity and defense, but also in stock markets, finance, and business administration, as well as medicine, astronomy, social networks, fraud, and anti-corruption. This book presents the interesting topic of anomaly detection for a very broad audience. The book is split into...
Security & Protection (K.6.5) | Jan 23 19

Applied minds: how engineers think

This book has been sitting on my shelf for a while; however, I have never had a chance to read it, thinking that being an engineer myself I know “how engineers think,” so why bother? I only recently started browsing it to find out more because I came across a certain quotation...
Engineering (J.2...) | Feb 25 19

Asset attack vectors

Haber and Hibbert give readers a grand tour of the vulnerability management landscape in 24 chapters. Three somewhat longer chapters are noteworthy. Chapter 2, “The Vulnerability Landscape,” contains the usual suspects, with the biggest focus on social...
Security & Protection (K.6.5) | Jan 22 19

Basic elements of computational statistics

Researchers frequently use statistics to analyze their results. Statistical analysis is a vital tool to confirm or reject hypotheses. In this context, R, one of the most famous programs used for data analysis and statistics, is a powerful, time-saving tool. The goal of this book is to present different univariate and multivariate...
Statistical Computing (G.3...) | Jan 24 19

Beginning robotics with Raspberry Pi and Arduino

The language used in this book is very close to beginner level. It includes many examples, with code, images, and details of the materials needed to assemble the presented robot. The book’s ten chapters cover five key aspects related to low-cost robots: the robot...
Microprocessors & computers (B.7.1...) | Mar 14 19

Carl von Clausewitz, the fog-of-war, and the AI revolution

As artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly used in many areas, including fully automated vehicle control and military applications, there are concerns about how effectively such systems deal with extreme conditions. Carl von Clausewitz, the 19th century military...
Applications & Expert Systems (I.2.1) | Jan 14 19

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