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Multimedia big data analytics: a survey : ACM Computing Surveys

Big data continues to grow exponentially. One source of that growth--multimedia data--has not received comprehensive study. The authors correct this deficit by presenting the results of a broad multidimensional survey of the literature related to multimedia...
Introductory & Survey (A.1) | Jan 16 19

Infrastructural inaccessibility: tech entrepreneurs in occupied Palestine : ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction

The paper describes how “tech entrepreneurs in occupied Palestine” are hindered by a lack of access to infrastructure. Particular immediate issues are...
Organizational Impacts (K.4.3) | Dec 12 18

Synthetic depth-of-field with a single-camera mobile phone : ACM Transactions on Graphics

In a photograph, depth-of-field is the part of the image that is sharp or focused, in contrast to other areas that are defocused or blurred. Depth-of-field can be deep (meaning the whole image is well focused...
Computer Graphics (I.3) | Nov 29 18

Inferring extended probabilistic finite-state automaton models from software executions : ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology

To facilitate the testing and maintenance of software systems, researchers have generated behavioral models in the form of finite-state automata from...
Formal Methods (D.2.4...) | Oct 25 18

STADS: software testing as species discovery : ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology

Software testing is an exercise in extrapolation--we attempt to infer the correctness of software by exercising it using test cases. However, as Dijkstra famously observed, testing demonstrates...
Testing & Debugging (D.2.5) | Jan 17 19

Fast miss ratio curve modeling for storage cache : ACM Transactions on Storage

Miss ratio curve (MRC) profiling techniques are widely used for memory, cache analysis, and design. As noted by the authors, uses include cache partitioning, page size selection, memory management...
Hierarchical Design (D.4.7...) | Dec 24 18

Sentence entailment in compositional distributional semantics : Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence

Systems for natural language understanding are now quite good and becoming commonplace. Unfortunately, some of the most powerful are also quite opaque: there is no satisfactory...
Semantics (D.3.1...) | Nov 2 18

Modified cuckoo optimization algorithm (MCOA) to solve precedence constrained sequencing problem (PCSP) : Applied Intelligence

The precedence constrained sequencing problem is a general problem: Consider a set of jobs where an arbitrary precedence relationship exists among the jobs and a cost is associated with every permutation...
General (I.2.0) | Jan 7 19

The institutional approach for modeling the evolution of human societies : Artificial Life

Powers defines institutions as “political game forms that generate the rules of a group’s economic interactions.” He draws heavily from Leonid Hurwicz’s game theory in developing a model of institutions. Further on in...
Social & Behavioral Sciences (J.4) | Dec 28 18

Fintech: AI powers financial services to improve people’s lives : Communications of the ACM

This survey article describes the financial technology (fintech) efforts of two Chinese companies. One company is Ant Financial, an affiliate of Alibaba. Two pertinent examples show payment technologies...
Financial (J.1...) | Dec 27 18

A formal theory of commonsense psychology

In introducing commonsense psychology, this book motivates readers to consider computational psychology. It describes the foundational building blocks of such computations. It provides not only purely...
Psychology (J.4...) | Oct 5 18

A journey through discrete mathematics: a tribute to Jiří Matoušek

Professor Jiří Matoušek was a distinguished scientist with significant achievements in the areas of discrete and “computational geometry, topology, and some aspects of metric space theory.” His work in...
General (G.2.0) | Oct 11 18

Advanced concepts for renewable energy supply of data centres

Data centers are large critical infrastructure facilities devoted to the data processing, data storage, and communications needed by an ever-growing number and diversity of services; they must stay connected to the...
General (H.2.0) | Dec 7 18

Advanced data analytics in health

This comprehensive collection of papers is a valuable resource, presenting different approaches and areas of healthcare that can be tackled with data analytics. The book’s five parts cover different uses of data in the healthcare domain: (1) Data exploration and...
Health (J.3...) | Dec 27 18

Advances in computers: volume 108

The Advances in Computers series started in 1960 [1]. Each year, several volumes are printed; each volume contains four to seven chapters, with each chapter written by leading researchers who summarize the state of the art in their specific field. Four volumes were...
General (A.0) | Dec 18 18

Analytical performance modeling for computer systems (3rd ed.)

Performance measurement and modeling is essential for both real systems and systems being modeled in a research environment. Without good models and tests to verify that the systems match those models...
Modeling of Computer Architecture (C.0...) | Dec 17 18

Assessing and improving prediction and classification

There is an increased interest in machine learning (ML) in both academy and industry. One consequence is a greater demand for textbooks and other educational materials that explain the different facets of ML...
Classifier Design & Evaluation (I.5.2...) | Nov 28 18

Augmented reality and virtual reality

Recent technologies are changing the way we interact with computers and our surroundings, as well as how we perceive information; examples of these technologies include augmented reality (superimposing computer-generated graphics and text onto a real-world...
Artificial, Aug. & Virtual Realities (H.5.1...) | Jan 8 19

Big data factories

In the technology world, ABCD is a buzzword. “A” stands for artificial intelligence (AI), “B” for blockchain, “C” for cloud, and “D” for big data. “D” especially is the origin of the others: you need the cloud because you have to store big data; blockchains can be used to...
Content Analysis & Indexing (H.3.1) | Oct 16 18

Building games with Ethereum smart contracts

Cryptocurrencies are a source of much speculation. While Bitcoin is the most widely known form of cryptocurrency, Ethereum is operating in a similar space. Here, two veteran actors in the field, Kedar Iyer and Chris...
Games (I.2.1...) | Dec 19 18

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