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A survey of methods for explaining black box models : ACM Computing Surveys

Computerized decision support systems have significant social consequences, and yet they are capable of mistakes or bias. Can an autonomous driving system be trusted, for example, when its visual scene...
Decision Support (H.4.2...) | Jan 25 19

Large-scale ontology matching: state-of-the-art analysis : ACM Computing Surveys

The ontology matching or alignment task identifies inconsistencies among concepts, relationships, and instances in two different ontologies and then resolves correspondence relationships. The authors...
Ontologies (I.2.4...) | Jan 25 19

Multimedia big data analytics: a survey : ACM Computing Surveys

Big data continues to grow exponentially. One source of that growth--multimedia data--has not received comprehensive study. The authors correct this deficit by presenting the results of a broad...
Introductory & Survey (A.1) | Jan 16 19

Triclustering algorithms for three-dimensional data analysis: a comprehensive survey : ACM Computing Surveys

The rapid increase in data streams poses significant challenges to their interpretation. Algorithms increasingly target 3D datasets, which plot observations, attributes, and contexts, to capture patterns...
Clustering (H.3.3...) | Jan 18 19

Infrastructural inaccessibility: tech entrepreneurs in occupied Palestine : ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction

The paper describes how “tech entrepreneurs in occupied Palestine” are hindered by a lack of access to infrastructure. Particular immediate issues are...
Organizational Impacts (K.4.3) | Dec 12 18

Cross-dependency inference in multi-layered networks : ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data

Current and emerging networks have a duty to promote interconnections for new collaborative research and business between academia and industry. Multi-layered networks require descriptions of relations among...
Database Applications (H.2.8) | Feb 11 19

STADS: software testing as species discovery : ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology

Software testing is an exercise in extrapolation--we attempt to infer the correctness of software by exercising it using test cases. However, as Dijkstra famously observed, testing demonstrates...
Testing & Debugging (D.2.5) | Jan 17 19

Spectrum-based fault localization in model transformations : ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology

Model transformation is a recognized cornerstone in software engineering. Any nontrivial software system involves some kind of model transformation (for example, a large and...
Reliability (D.4.5) | Jan 31 19

Fast miss ratio curve modeling for storage cache : ACM Transactions on Storage

Miss ratio curve (MRC) profiling techniques are widely used for memory, cache analysis, and design. As noted by the authors, uses include cache partitioning, page size selection, memory management...
Hierarchical Design (D.4.7...) | Dec 24 18

Grasshopper optimization algorithm for multi-objective optimization problems : Applied Intelligence

Describing the grasshopper optimization algorithm to solve multi-objective optimization problems, the key idea in this paper is to simulate the swarm behavior of grasshoppers to find an optimal or near-optimal...
Optimization (E.5...) | Feb 15 19

Advance compression and watermarking technique for speech signals

In a time of increased interest in security assurance, all topics related to watermarking are important. While the book’s focus is securing speech, a technologically related problem of compression is also covered. While we are mostly used to image watermarking, security...
Data Compaction & Compression (E.4...) | Feb 14 19

Advanced data analytics in health

This comprehensive collection of papers is a valuable resource, presenting different approaches and areas of healthcare that can be tackled with data analytics. The book’s five parts cover different uses of data in the healthcare domain: (1) Data exploration and...
Health (J.3...) | Dec 27 18

Advances in computers: volume 108

The Advances in Computers series started in 1960 [1]. Each year, several volumes are printed; each volume contains four to seven chapters, with each chapter written by leading researchers who summarize the state of the art in their specific field. Four volumes were...
General (A.0) | Dec 18 18

An open door to number theory

In 1993, my daughter showed me the New York Times article that announced Andrew Wiles’s 100-plus-page proof (to be successfully corrected two years later) of Fermat’s last theorem (FLT) [1]. Wiles’s “20th-century” proof comprised excursions into algebraic...
General (G.0) | Feb 19 19

Analytical performance modeling for computer systems (3rd ed.)

Performance measurement and modeling is essential for both real systems and systems being modeled in a research environment. Without good models and tests to verify that the systems match those models...
Modeling of Computer Architecture (C.0...) | Dec 17 18

Anomaly detection principles and algorithms

Anomaly detection is not only used in cybersecurity and defense, but also in stock markets, finance, and business administration, as well as medicine, astronomy, social networks, fraud, and anti-corruption. This book presents the interesting topic of anomaly detection for a very broad audience. The book is split into...
Security & Protection (K.6.5) | Jan 23 19

Asset attack vectors

Haber and Hibbert give readers a grand tour of the vulnerability management landscape in 24 chapters. Three somewhat longer chapters are noteworthy. Chapter 2, “The Vulnerability Landscape,” contains the usual suspects, with the biggest focus on social...
Security & Protection (K.6.5) | Jan 22 19

Augmented reality and virtual reality

Recent technologies are changing the way we interact with computers and our surroundings, as well as how we perceive information; examples of these technologies include augmented reality (superimposing computer-generated graphics and text onto a real-world...
Artificial, Aug. & Virtual Realities (H.5.1...) | Jan 8 19

Basic elements of computational statistics

Researchers frequently use statistics to analyze their results. Statistical analysis is a vital tool to confirm or reject hypotheses. In this context, R, one of the most famous programs used for data analysis and statistics, is a powerful, time-saving tool. The goal of this book is to present different univariate and multivariate...
Statistical Computing (G.3...) | Jan 24 19

Building games with Ethereum smart contracts

Cryptocurrencies are a source of much speculation. While Bitcoin is the most widely known form of cryptocurrency, Ethereum is operating in a similar space. Here, two veteran actors in the field, Kedar Iyer and Chris...
Games (I.2.1...) | Dec 19 18

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