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A survey of communication performance models for high-performance computing : ACM Computing Surveys

Cluster computing is a major trend in scientific high-performance computing (HPC), and the recent evolution of cluster computing requires a revision to the models and methods...
General (I.6.0) | Apr 16 19

A systematic review for smart city data analytics : ACM Computing Surveys

Although the “smart city” can’t be easily defined, the growth of “smart” places is not slowing and therefore additional study is needed. In the Netherlands, four such places--Eindhoven, Almere, The Hague, and...
Applications & Expert Systems (I.2.1) | Apr 25 19

Neural network classifiers using a hardware-based approximate activation function with a hybrid stochastic multiplier : ACM Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems

Li et al. present a novel approach for optimizing neural network implementations, that is, “a new architecture of stochastic neural networks” with a hidden...
Neural Nets (C.1.3...) | May 1 19

SDN flow entry management using reinforcement learning : ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems

Software-defined networking (SDN) technology makes for smoother network management and configuration. It allows network resources to be efficiently assigned to both prolonged and short-term traffic...
Performance of Systems (C.4) | Apr 24 19

Searching for global employability : ACM Transactions on Computing Education

Today’s higher education systems need to produce graduates with global employability that exhibits creativity and innovation, that is, the ability to solve open-ended problems in different cultural...
Computer Science Education (K.3.2...) | May 3 19

A game theoretic model for the formation of navigable small-world networks—the tradeoff between distance and reciprocity : ACM Transactions on Internet Technology

The concept of small-world networks has been developed to help explain how real whole-world social networks manage to be “navigable.” By navigable I mean the ease with which any two people...
Network Problems (G.2.2...) | Apr 25 19

Dense 3D-convolutional neural network for person re-identification in videos : ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications

It is well known that the current types of neural networks perform quite well in identifying faces in (still) images. But what about re-identifying...
Object Recognition (I.4.8...) | Apr 19 19

Interconnectability of session-based logical processes : ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems

The analysis of communication network processes is an important topic in computer science. This paper compares two formalisms for describing such networks, namely linear logic (originally derived from an...
Models of Computation (F.1.1) | May 6 19

PIMap : ACM Transactions on Reconfigurable Technology and Systems

Transforming gate-level Boolean logic into functionally equivalent lookup tables (LUTs) is a key step in the compilation of a design into field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). Tools typically deploy a...
General (B.5.0) | Apr 3 19

Completeness management for RDF data sources : ACM Transactions on the Web

The resource description framework (RDF), a standardized concept to model data intercommunication on the web, associates relationships between things to structures of triples or graphs. SPARQL is a semantic query...
Query Languages (H.2.3...) | Apr 23 19

A philosophy of software design

I distinctly recall the first class I taught in software design, in 1980. One student from that course is now a computer science (CS) professor and department head at a major college in Tel Aviv. This anecdote, with its dating, is relevant to this book. It is well known that a...
General (D.0) | Jun 3 19

Beginning blockchain

Blockchain, a distributed ledger technology, is experiencing a surge of popular interest in the context of various domains, including electronic health records, supply chains, cryptocurrencies, and electronic voting, to name a few. A blockchain is defined as a...
Cybercash, Digital Cash (K.4.4...) | Jul 8 19

Bitwise: a life in code

This is perhaps the most peculiar book I have ever reviewed. It is essentially a collection of philosophical and autobiographical essays on the subject of computing, specifically on topics the author finds interesting. Whether you, the reader, will find the book interesting or not is a...
General (D.2.0) | May 2 19

Building blockchain projects

Readers will get a first look at how to access the Ethereum blockchain and working code, as well as how to “do” something with this technology. Unlike Bitcoin, the preceding cryptocurrency, Ethereum can execute arbitrary programs on its blockchain, that is...
Distributed Databases (H.2.4...) | May 28 19

Building your online store with WordPress and WooCommerce

This is a how-to book on using WordPress and WooCommerce--WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress, creating an e-commerce store. The text goes through the steps required to configure...
Electronic Commerce (K.4.4) | Jun 27 19

C++ templates (2nd ed.)

The evolution of the C++ language has created the need for revised material on C++ templates. It’s great to see this second edition of C++ templates out at this moment, as it provides a definitive guide to C++ templates with the latest C++ standards. The...
C++ (D.3.2...) | May 24 19

Comprehensive healthcare simulation

There have been many changes in the ways in which surgeons gain early experience. These include a worldwide reduction in working hours and a migration from hands-on apprenticeship-type training. There have also been changes in patient expectations, particularly...
Life & Medical Sciences (J.3) | Jun 19 19

Computational artifacts

The philosophy of any discipline must account for the goals, methodology, and subject matter of the discipline [1]. There is a well-developed body of scholarship on the philosophy of mathematics and of science, especially physics and biology, and more recently...
General (A.0) | Jul 15 19

Cyber-physical security and privacy in the electric smart grid

The book presents an interesting selection of papers within the domain of cyber-physical security. It provides a starting point for researchers trying to navigate security and privacy issues within a smart grid...
Security & Protection (K.6.5) | Jun 14 19


In the last 40 years, “cyberspace” has become a common buzzword. Cyberspace has tremendous potential for human development in many sectors. The security of cyberspace is of utmost importance and poses a great challenge for security experts. So...
Cryptographic Controls (D.4.6...) | May 3 19

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