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A survey of communication performance models for high-performance computing : ACM Computing Surveys

Cluster computing is a major trend in scientific high-performance computing (HPC), and the recent evolution of cluster computing requires a revision to the models and methods for evaluating operational...
General (I.6.0) | Apr 16 19

Arabic authorship attribution: an extensive study on Twitter posts : ACM Transactions on Asian and Low-Resource Language Information Processing

Altakrori et al. present an excellent study on Arabic authorship attributes from Twitter posts. The coverage of the subject is very extensive. The authors...
Content Analysis & Indexing (H.3.1) | Mar 25 19

SDN flow entry management using reinforcement learning : ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems

Software-defined networking (SDN) technology makes for smoother network management and configuration. It allows network resources to be efficiently assigned to both prolonged and short-term traffic...
Performance of Systems (C.4) | Apr 24 19

Responding to sensitive disclosures on social media: a decision-making framework : ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction

What is it about disclosing personal information online through social media sites, especially when sensitive information is delicate not only for the discloser...
Social Networking (H.3.4...) | Mar 26 19

Searching for global employability: can students capitalize on enabling learning environments? : ACM Transactions on Computing Education

In computer science (CS) classes, problem-solving tasks ask students to actively participate and expand their knowledge of the context in which their project...
Computer Science Education (K.3.2...) | Mar 29 19

A robust machine learning technique to predict low-performing students : ACM Transactions on Computing Education (TOCE)

Academic failure is one of the most important problems in higher education institutions around the world. In a continuous cycle, universities admit new...
Computer Uses in Education (K.3.1) | Mar 20 19

Context-driven and real-time provisioning of data-centric IoT services in the cloud : ACM Transactions on Internet Technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing infrastructure are synonymous in contemporary computing, insomuch as the phenomena relate...
Cloud Computing (C.2.4...) | Mar 21 19

Measuring moral acceptability in e-deliberation : ACM Transactions on Internet Technology

With the increasing ubiquity of the Internet comes the application of this technology to a wide variety of fields, including moral philosophy and political theory. The authors are particularly focused on...
Ethics (K.4.1...) | Apr 1 19

Revisiting the risks of Bitcoin currency exchange closure : ACM Transactions on Internet Technology

As someone who has written a few general articles on the topic of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, this review assignment was extremely interesting to me...
Cybercash, Digital Cash (K.4.4...) | Mar 26 19

Dense 3D-convolutional neural network for person re-identification in videos : ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications

It is well known that the current types of neural networks perform quite well in identifying faces in (still) images. But what about re-identifying...
Object Recognition (I.4.8...) | Apr 19 19

Absolute FreeBSD (3rd ed.)

There are more than 700 pages in this book, and the author suggests that it should be read in entirety, from front to back! Most readers will be happy to skip the introductory text and jump straight to chapter 2, “Before You Install,” where they can learn what sort of...
Unix (D.4.0...) | Mar 15 19

Advance compression and watermarking technique for speech signals

In a time of increased interest in security assurance, all topics related to watermarking are important. While the book’s focus is securing speech, a technologically related problem of compression is also covered. While...
Data Compaction & Compression (E.4...) | Feb 14 19

Advanced Raspberry Pi (2nd ed.)

The history of broadly understood electronics development includes the creation of new paradigms that became milestones: the discovery of transistors, the release of the 8051 microprocessor, the discovery of light-emitting diode (LED) indicators, the...
General (C.0) | Apr 11 19

Advances in aeronautical informatics

Let me preface this review by saying that as a small-time hobbyist pilot (single engine land), I fly when I may a little general aviation piston airplane; my day job as a computer professional pays for the gasoline. Advances in aeronautical informatics is a work that...
Aerospace (J.2...) | Feb 27 19

An open door to number theory

In 1993, my daughter showed me the New York Times article that announced Andrew Wiles’s 100-plus-page proof (to be successfully corrected two years later) of Fermat’s last theorem (FLT) [1]. Wiles’s “20th-century” proof comprised excursions into algebraic...
General (G.0) | Feb 19 19

Applied minds: how engineers think

This book has been sitting on my shelf for a while; however, I have never had a chance to read it, thinking that being an engineer myself I know “how engineers think,” so why bother? I only recently started browsing it to find out more because I came across a certain quotation...
Engineering (J.2...) | Feb 25 19

Beginning robotics with Raspberry Pi and Arduino

The language used in this book is very close to beginner level. It includes many examples, with code, images, and details of the materials needed to assemble the presented robot. The book’s ten chapters cover five key aspects related to low-cost robots: the robot...
Microprocessors & computers (B.7.1...) | Mar 14 19

Causal case study methods

The book is a treatise on some important aspects of causality from epistemological and ontological points of view, particularly chapters 1 through 5 on understanding, defining, and measuring causality. Except for chapters 4 and 5, chapters 1 to 6 are case based...
Physical Sciences & Engineering (J.2) | Apr 1 19

Crowdsourcing of sensor cloud services

With the ubiquitous distribution of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, and so on equipped with a variety of sensory and wearable devices), users are able to generate different types of real-time information related to ambient air measurements, fire...
Cloud Computing (C.2.4...) | Feb 28 19

Data analysis techniques for physical scientists

To quote Shakespeare, “What’s in a name?” For Pruneau’s book Data analysis techniques for physical scientists, quite a bit it turns out. This great magnum opus (more than 700 pages) should be required...
Physics (J.2...) | Feb 22 19

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