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Local distance restricted bribery in voting : AAMAS 19

The bribery problem asks whether there exists an appropriate-“cost” collection of voters in an election such that, if one strategically changes their votes, one’s favored candidate will win. In that model, each...
Multiagent Systems (I.2.11...) | Jul 6 20

Manipulative design of scoring systems : AAMAS 19

Scoring systems, where each candidate gets a number of points from each voter based on the candidate’s position in the voter’s vote, are the most important broad class of voting rules. For example, plurality elections are scoring systems...
Multiagent Systems (I.2.11...) | Apr 28 20

Dynamic malware analysis in the modern era—a state of the art survey : ACM Computing Surveys

Malware is a problem. Its spreading within industrial networks and critical infrastructures shows that there is an always increasing need for cybersecurity expertise to detect, protect, and react to infections...
Security & Protection (D.4.6) | May 14 20

Metamorphic testing: a review of challenges and opportunities : ACM Computing Surveys

Testing software remains a complex business, so finding different means for doing so is important. Metamorphic testing belongs in one’s toolkit, along with unit tests and property-based testing. Thus, overviews are...
Validation (D.2.4...) | Jun 2 20

Security and privacy on blockchain : ACM Computing Surveys

While still controversial in terms of mainstream use, the study, research, and development of all things blockchain has been moving ahead full steam. Interestingly, while distributed ledger technology (DLT) is...
Security & Protection (D.4.6) | May 27 20

Management system for secure mobile application development : ACM TURC 19

Our increasing reliance on mobile apps elevates their insecurities and shines a spotlight on their vulnerabilities. The author introduces a secure mobile app development approach that is proactive...
General (K.6.0) | Jul 22 20

Blending human and artificial intelligence to support autistic children’s social communication skills : ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction

Children with autism spectrum conditions (ASC) experience various levels of difficulty in...
Social & Behavioral Sciences (J.4) | Mar 12 20

Overcoming security vulnerabilities in deep learning-based indoor localization frameworks on mobile devices : ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems

This paper analyzes “the vulnerability of a convolutional neural network (CNN)–based indoor localization...
Security & Protection (D.4.6) | Apr 22 20

Machine learning for the developing world : ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems

The authors describe the ways in which machine learning for the developing world (referred to as ML4D) requires a different viewpoint from the kind of machine learning that concerns itself with the developed...
Learning (I.2.6) | May 11 20

Engineering resilient collective adaptive systems by self-stabilisation : ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation

Smart cities, together with the Internet of Things (IoT), are becoming reality at an accelerated speed, supported by the fifth generation of...
Software Engineering (D.2) | Jul 8 20

Advanced Boolean techniques

Boolean functions--functions on the domain of the logical values “true” and “false”--represent a fundamental concept of computer science with applications in many areas, including the design of digital circuits, the specification and verification of hardware...
General (I.1.0) | Apr 27 20

Agile machine learning

The application of agile principles to applied machine learning teams is the topic of this book. Machine learning relies heavily on data. This poses new types of challenges, that is, data is generally noisy, follows unknown patterns, and can be biased. The authors tackle...
Learning (I.2.6) | Mar 27 20

An introduction to machine learning

Rebala et al. try to explain, in the simplest of terms, the wide diversity of data analysis techniques, that is, machine learning. The book claims to assume no prior knowledge of machine learning,and the authors emphasize a "conceptual understanding of the...
Learning (I.2.6) | Apr 13 20

Applied machine learning

Machine learning methods find application in almost any domain that makes use of some form of computation. These algorithms build appropriate models that help in making predictions; thus, they are of interest in industry as well as in business scenarios. This book is...
Learning (I.2.6) | Jul 17 20

Applied reinforcement learning with Python

This is a small book on the broader topic of reinforcement learning (RL), written by a practitioner for practitioners. It is very practically oriented, but with limited theoretical background. The book narrative is...
Learning (I.2.6) | May 22 20

Artificial intelligence and conservation

This edited volume is the second book in the publisher’s “Artificial Intelligence for Social Good” series. It is a collection of papers on “research advances in AI that benefit the conservation of wildlife, forests, coral reefs, rivers, and other natural resources.” The...
General (I.2.0...) | Jun 25 20

Beginning security with Microsoft technologies

This book is written for a very specific audience. If you are a junior technical person (say a programmer, systems administrator, or even an entry-level security specialist) in an organization running Office 365, Windows 10, and Azure web services, and you...
Security & Protection (D.4.6) | Apr 24 20

Business model innovation in the era of the Internet of Things

Being myself responsible for innovation at a large software firm in the Internet of Things (IoT) domain, this book sounded like a perfect match for me and my role. It certainly provides a selected set of good...
Business (J.1...) | May 18 20

Computer and communication networks (2nd ed.)

In every technological field characterized by very fast changes, it is necessary to update the related textbooks with the progress of research and practice. Obviously, this statement refers also to networking, where rapid reactions to book contents are also necessary...
Data Communications (C.2.0...) | Jul 7 20

Concepts of soft computing

Soft computing, a branch of artificial intelligence (AI), deals with computations involving uncertainty in complex real-world problems (as opposed to hard computing, which deals with computations involving certainty only encountered in ideal situations...
Artificial Intelligence (I.2) | Apr 29 20

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