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Credulous acceptability, poison games and modal logic : AAMAS 19

Abstract argumentation theory is based on the notion that argument x attacks argument y. A set of arguments S is “admissible” if no arguments within the set attack each other, and for every argument y that attacks an argument...
Modal Logic (F.4.1...) | Sep 30 20

Local distance restricted bribery in voting : AAMAS 19

The bribery problem asks whether there exists an appropriate-“cost” collection of voters in an election such that, if one strategically changes their votes, one’s favored candidate will win. In that model, each...
Multiagent Systems (I.2.11...) | Jul 6 20

A survey on deep learning: algorithms, techniques, and applications : ACM Computing Surveys

Deep learning (DL) algorithms, characterized by mapping from input to output (labels or classes) with multiple hidden layers in between, have revived the excitement of artificial intelligence (AI) to get...
Learning (I.2.6) | Oct 16 20

Management system for secure mobile application development : ACM TURC 19

Our increasing reliance on mobile apps elevates their insecurities and shines a spotlight on their vulnerabilities. The author introduces a secure mobile app development approach that is proactive...
General (K.6.0) | Jul 22 20

Hierarchies in inclusion logic with lax semantics : ACM Transactions on Computational Logic

A natural interest of computational logic is to investigate decidable subsets of first-order logic. One such subset is the formalism of inclusion logic (FOI), introduced by Galliani as an evolution of dependence logic [1]...
General (F.0) | Oct 1 20

Building consistent transactions with inconsistent replication : ACM Transactions on Computer Systems

Large-scale transaction processing systems must balance the need for minimal response times with maintaining the integrity of the data being processed. In theory, transactions are processed sequentially...
Distributed Architectures (C.1.4...) | Aug 18 20

Identifying pathways to computer science : ACM Transactions on Computing Education (TOCE)

There is a consensus in computer science (CS) education that student numbers are not growing; furthermore, the number of female students is still very low. This situation attracts considerable...
Computer Science Education (K.3.2...) | Aug 31 20

Systematically ensuring the confidence of real-time home automation IoT systems : ACM Transactions on Cyber-Physical Systems

The quick expansion of computing technology in many areas leads to different new paradigms; among them is the paradigm of cyber-physical systems...
Real-Time & Embedded Systems (D.4.7...) | Oct 13 20

Scratchpad-memory management for multi-threaded applications on many-core architectures : ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems

This paper focuses on improving many-core architectures via software programmable or scratchpad memory (SPM): An SPM contains an...
Real-Time And Embedded Systems (C.3...) | Oct 7 20

A real-time framework for task assignment in hyperlocal spatial crowdsourcing : ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology

Hyperspatial crowdsourcing is a low-cost methodology that uses capable individuals, located in the vicinity of task location, to acquire fine-grain data for...
Spatial Databases And GIS (H.2.8...) | Sep 9 20

Abstract algebra with applications

Any experienced teacher of a classical field of mathematics who wishes to publish a new textbook in such an area has to figure out how to present a topic with a long tradition to a new generation of readers. One approach is to present examples that show...
Mathematics & Statistics (J.2...) | Sep 18 20

Adversarial machine learning

Machine learning is behind many of the systems we typically use, both online and offline, and behind even more of the systems we might use in the future. Given their economic importance, they attract attackers who might be interested in interfering with their...
Learning (I.2.6) | Sep 8 20

Applied machine learning

Machine learning methods find application in almost any domain that makes use of some form of computation. These algorithms build appropriate models that help in making predictions; thus, they are of interest in industry as well as in business scenarios. This book is...
Learning (I.2.6) | Jul 17 20

Artificial intelligence and conservation

This edited volume is the second book in the publisher’s “Artificial Intelligence for Social Good” series. It is a collection of papers on “research advances in AI that benefit the conservation of wildlife, forests, coral reefs, rivers, and other natural resources.” The...
General (I.2.0...) | Jun 25 20

Artificial intelligence and inclusive education

The recent foray of artificial intelligence (AI) applications into the domain of education has generated both excitement and concern among experts. Artificial intelligence and inclusive education, edited by...
Education (J.1...) | Aug 28 20

Beginning Azure functions: building scalable and serverless apps

This interesting book describes getting started with Azure. It includes a substantial tutorial that goes through all the basic steps to create an Azure account. Step-by-step details for creating a first Azure function follow. The book...
General (D.2.0) | Oct 23 20

Beginning Perl programming

Beginning Perl programming covers the basics of Perl: its origin, scalar variables, array variables, associative array variables, flow control, conditional expressions, basic input/output (I/O), advanced I/O, pattern matching, its utilities, filesystem and process...
Multiparadigm Languages (D.3.2...) | Oct 22 20

Computer and communication networks (2nd ed.)

In every technological field characterized by very fast changes, it is necessary to update the related textbooks with the progress of research and practice. Obviously, this statement refers also to networking, where rapid reactions to book contents are also necessary...
Data Communications (C.2.0...) | Jul 7 20

Cybercryptography: applicable cryptography for cyberspace security

Cybersecurity is a major challenge today, as computing systems and networks play an increasingly important role in modern society. Cryptography addresses this problem based on mathematical theory, trying...
Cryptographic Controls (D.4.6...) | Aug 24 20

Data analysis in bi-partial perspective

Owsinski’s book provides an interesting “bi-partial” strategy for analyzing data; it is not only uniquely general, but also successful in building several useful methods to tackle issues related to data analysis, including algorithms and models. It focuses essentially on the...
Clustering (H.3.3...) | Jun 24 20

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