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Hardware (B)
A multi-level-optimization framework for FPGA-based cellular neural network implementation : ACM Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems

Multi-level optimizations for cellular neural network design with Zybo and ZedBoard field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs),...
General (B.0) | Dec 3 19

Computer Systems Organization (C)
Deep neural networks classification over encrypted data : CODASPY 19

When we speak about a convolutional neural network (CNN) as a more complex deep learning algorithm, there are privacy-preserving issues that could be addressed in any study on the topic. In deep learning, CNNs are used to...
Neural Nets (C.1.3...) | Feb 13 20

Known and unknown facts of LoRa : ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks

Proposal and critique are two steps in the evolution of scientific theories and ideas: an idea is founded in a proposal and advanced via critiques. In the Internet of Things (IOT), equilibrium among power...
General (C.2.0) | Feb 18 20

Static identification of injection attacks in Java : ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems

A programming language’s security principles guarantee robustness and sustainability by detecting and neutralizing any tainted object in the programming code, which can potentially be the source...
Security & Protection (C.2.0...) | Feb 6 20

A first look at Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) : ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review

The cornerstone of information and communications technology (ICT), security provides and maintains robustness, sustainability, and reliability. Using web services by referring to different web pages...
Security & Protection (C.2.0...) | Nov 21 19

A survey on artifacts from CoNEXT, ICN, IMC, and SIGCOMM conferences in 2017 : ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review

This paper does precisely what the title says. It is an attempt to survey the current state of reproducibility in computer networking research. This is one of...
Data Communications (C.2.0...) | Nov 18 19

Challenges of privacy-preserving machine learning in IoT : AIChallengeIoT 19

The widespread adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) devices has made available a huge amount of data, thus enabling the development of applications that use machine learning (ML) to gather and dig up...
Sensor Networks (C.2.1...) | Feb 3 20

User-centric distributed spectrum sharing in dynamic network architectures : IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking

In modern mobile networks with multiple network operators, distributed access points, and many users, the efficient utilization of available bandwidth...
Network Architecture & Design (C.2.1) | Jan 30 20

On the profitability of bundling sale strategy for online service markets with network effects : ACM Trans. on Internet Technology

Online services are usually provided over the Internet and telecommunications infrastructure. The online services focused on in this paper include...
Network Architecture & Design (C.2.1) | Nov 4 19

Dual-page checkpointing : ACM Trans. on Architecture and Code Optimization

In-memory computing is one of the most important paradigm shifts in today’s processing models. This interesting and innovative approach is possible because not only do we have new ideas on how to perform data...
Network Architecture & Design (C.2.1) | Nov 1 19

General Literature (A)

Value sensitive design

Design is an important aspect in the systems engineering life cycle, as well as a field of study in its own right. Design is an important consideration in the pragmatic sense, addressing the need to craft artifacts and systems that meet functional specifications...
General (A.0) | Feb 4 20

Hardware (B)

Passive network synthesis: an approach to classification

This interesting and technically oriented book was written for an audience with some advanced knowledge and understanding of passive networks and network synthesis. The authors have tried to convey the...
Logic Design (B.6) | Jan 24 20

Computer Systems Organization (C)

Grokking deep learning

Deep learning is a hot topic in artificial intelligence (AI). It is exciting to see a book that can help readers understand the ideas of deep learning without advanced knowledge of mathematics. The book is divided into 16 chapters. Chapter 1 presents the basic ideas of...
Neural Nets (C.1.3...) | Feb 14 20

Introduction to hybrid intelligent networks: modeling, communication, and control

Human brains are the most advanced intelligent systems to ever exist, yet also the most mysterious systems to be explored. A hybrid intelligent network is a term coined for the brain-inspired artificial...
Hybrid Systems (C.1.m...) | Feb 14 20

Designing an Internet

This comprehensive view of the development and growth of the Internet includes the author’s review and critique of the proposed changes and improvements since its inception. It has 15 chapters, an appendix, a list of acknowledgements, a glossary, a list of...
Internet (C.2.1...) | Jan 28 20

VoIP technology: applications and challenges

Many of us are familiar with voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology, having replaced our traditional landline telephones with VoIP phones connected through a data network. Modern routers are often equipped with analog sockets so users can plug their existing...
Network Protocols (C.2.2) | Feb 18 20

Software (D)

Handbook of software engineering

Over 50 years after the “identification of software engineering as a discipline,” the emergence of new types of systems, new application areas, and new techniques and frameworks for software development...
General (D.2.0) | Feb 14 20

Simplicity is complex: foundations of cyber-physical system design

First of all, I must say that this is a very good book. However, it did not captivate me, as I expected something different based on the subtitle. The book exposes exactly what the subtitle indicates...
General (D.2.0) | Jan 23 20

Clean Python: elegant coding in Python

Every beginning programmer needs a friend to look over their shoulder at their screen and give advice on how to code better. This book attempts to be such a friend. The book is full of advice of the kind, “do this, don’t do that.” This could be infuriating when a smart-...
Multiparadigm Languages (D.3.2...) | Jan 2 20

An introduction to data

Are you an early practitioner, researcher, business/experience executive, or entrepreneur who uses artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and data sciences in financial services, private investment, or related sectors? This book will help you develop a broader perspective...
Authentication (D.4.6...) | Feb 5 20

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