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   Data storage auditing service in cloud computing: challenges, methods and opportunities
Yang K., Jia X.  World Wide Web 15(4): 409-428, 2020. Type: Article

Cloud computing provides a convenient, scalable, and cost-effective data storage solution that is particularly attractive to small organizations who lack internal information technology (IT) resources. However, this new solution also introduces ne...
Feb 7 2022  
  Security for cloud storage systems
Yang K., Jia X.,  Springer Publishing Company, Incorporated, New York, NY, 2014. 100 pp. Type: Book (978-1-461478-72-0)

Over the course of four chapters, this book discusses security issues in cloud storage systems, and develops secure solutions to ensure data owners of the safety and security of data stored in the cloud. The aim of the book, as stated by the autho...
Jun 17 2014  
  An efficient and secure dynamic auditing protocol for data storage in cloud computing
Yang K., Jia X.  IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems 24(9): 1717-1726, 2013. Type: Article

Although some may have reservations about cloud computing technologies, their mass adoption is a reality, not only by individual users but also by enterprises. Concerns regarding confidentiality, integrity, and availability in these shared environ...
Nov 21 2013  
  Node-pancyclicity and edge-pancyclicity of crossed cubes
Fan J., Lin X., Jia X.  Information Processing Letters 93(3): 133-138, 2005. Type: Article

Consider the embedding of a graph G1 = (V1, E1) into a graph G2 = (V2, E2...
Jan 16 2006  
  Fixed topology Steiner trees and spanning forests
Wang L., Jia X.  Theoretical Computer Science 215(1/2): 359-370, 1999. Type: Article

The authors are interested in optimizing the network cost of multicast routing. To that end, they analyze the problem of constructing Steiner trees in graphs where each edge is assigned a cost and a time delay. The trees should satisfy certain tim...
Aug 1 1999  

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