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  Efficient differentiable programming in a functional array-processing language
Shaikhha A., Fitzgibbon A., Vytiniotis D., Peyton Jones S.  Proceedings of the ACM on Programming Languages 3(ICFP): 1-30, 2019. Type: Article

Differentiable programming, or automatic differentiation, is a powerful technique in many fields, including dynamic systems, machine learning, and computer vision, mainly for solving nonlinear problems. Forward (versus reverse) differentiation bas...
Jul 20 2021  
  Regular, shape-polymorphic, parallel arrays in Haskell
Keller G., Chakravarty M., Leshchinskiy R., Peyton Jones S., Lippmeier B.  ACM SIGPLAN Notices 45(9): 261-272, 2010. Type: Article

Algorithms that work on arrays are very common in science and engineering, and range from finding connected components in a graph to complex atmospheric simulations. Supporters of purely functional languages claim that these algorithms are often e...
May 18 2011  
  Implementing functional languages
Peyton Jones S., Lester D.,  Prentice-Hall, Inc., Upper Saddle River, NJ, 1992.Type: Book (9780137219520)

This student textbook should be considered as an expanded and enhanced tutorial version of the well-known book [1] by Peyton Jones. While the earlier work is an excellent introduction to the theoretical background and main techniques for implement...
Apr 1 1993  
  Parsing distfix operators
Peyton Jones S.  Communications of the ACM 29(2): 118-122, 1986. Type: Article

A distfix operator is a syntactic construct in which an operator symbol is distributed among its operands. Consequently, prefix, infix, and postfix operators are just special cases of distfix. Some functional programming languages, such as Hope, a...
Sep 1 1986  
  YACC in SASL--an exercise in functional programming
Peyton Jones S.  Software--Practice & Experience 15(9): 807-820, 1985. Type: Article

The author describes the experience of writing a medium-sized program, the YACC parser, in the functional language SASL. This is compared with the experience of writing the parser in an imperative language. Topics addressed include: style of writi...
Mar 1 1986  

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