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ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software
ACM Press
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  randUTV: a blocked randomized algorithm for computing a rank-revealing UTV factorization
Martinsson P., Quintana-Ortí G., Heavner N.  ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software 45(1): 1-26, 2019. Type: Article

Matrix singular value decomposition (SVD) has broad applications in both computational linear algebra and data analysis. Robust SVD algorithms and sophisticated software implementations have been available in the literature for decades. However, e...

Jul 12 2021
  SparseX: a library for high-performance sparse matrix-vector multiplication on multicore platforms
Elafrou A., Karakasis V., Gkountouvas T., Kourtis K., Goumas G., Koziris N.  ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software 44(3): 1-32, 2018. Type: Article

The treatment of many scientific and engineering problems leads nearly always to huge computational tasks, which can cause great difficulties even when modern high-speed parallel computers are available. Matrix-vector multiplications are very ofte...

Sep 14 2020
  Computing the braid monodromy of completely reducible n-gonal curves
Aktas M., Akbas E.  ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software 45(1): 1-11, 2019. Type: Article

The Babylonian quest to solve polynomial equations ushered in monodromy and geometric perceptions of how objects exhibit singularity behaviors. The real-world application of braid monodromy is more complicated than other permutation groups. How sh...

Sep 26 2019
  Algorithm 995: an efficient parallel anisotropic Delaunay mesh generator for two-dimensional finite element analysis
Pardue J., Chernikov A.  ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software 45(3): 1-30, 2019. Type: Article

Finite element analysis (FEA) depends on meshes that approximate the artifact to be analyzed. Starting with an initial mesh, an FEA development pipeline produces more and more refined meshes in an iterative process until the solution of the partia...

Sep 23 2019
  Algorithm 993: efficient computation with Kronecker products
Fackler P.  ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software 45(2): 1-9, 2019. Type: Article

The Kronecker product of two matrices replaces each element of the first matrix with a multiple of a copy of the second matrix. The history, applications, and properties of the Kronecker and the symmetric products are well known [1,2]. For example...

Aug 14 2019
  Algorithm 980: sparse QR factorization on the GPU
Yeralan S., Davis T., Sid-Lakhdar W., Ranka S.  ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software 44(2): 1-29, 2017. Type: Article

Many large-scale scientific and engineering computational problems lead, after some kind of discretization, to the solution of huge systems of linear algebraic equations and/or linear least squares problems containing many hundreds of millions of ...

Mar 14 2018
  Numerically aware orderings for sparse symmetric indefinite linear systems
Hogg J., Scott J., Thorne S.  ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software 44(2): 1-22, 2017. Type: Article

The LDLT decomposition of a real symmetric matrix where L is lower triangular with unit diagonal and D diagonal except for 2x2 blocks is a challenge when the matrix is sparse and ...

Nov 16 2017
  Topology-oriented incremental algorithm for the robust construction of the Voronoi diagrams of disks
Lee M., Sugihara K., Kim D.  ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software 43(2): 1-23, 2016. Type: Article

Voronoi diagrams are important in many applications that range from theoretical computing to computational geometry, to computer graphics and computer vision. The relatively new problem of computing the Voronoi diagram for a set of geometry primit...

Jan 20 2017
  On BLAS level-3 implementations of common solvers for (quasi-) triangular generalized Lyapunov equations
Köhler M., Saak J.  ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software 43(1): 1-23, 2016. Type: Article

Each of the generalized Lyapunov matrix equations can be seen simply as a system of linear equations in the elements of the unknown matrix X. For numerical solutions, however, it is usually kept in its matrix form. The continuou...

Oct 20 2016
   A high performance QDWH-SVD solver using hardware accelerators
Sukkari D., Ltaief H., Keyes D.  ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software 43(1): 1-25, 2016. Type: Article

To make effective use of modern computer hardware, algorithms have to be carefully designed with concurrency in mind: in particular, they need to efficiently utilize the multiple cores provided by the computer’s general-purpose central proce...

Oct 20 2016
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