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ACM Transactions on Information Systems
ACM Press
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  Question answering in knowledge bases: a verification assisted model with iterative training
Zhang R., Wang Y., Mao Y., Huai J.  ACM Transactions on Information Systems 37(4): 1-26, 2019. Type: Article

Zhang et. al., in their paper, present a novel approach to increase the accuracy and efficiency in question-answering systems over a knowledge base. As they explain, “[mapping] a question in a natural language into a fact triple or a collect...

May 10 2022
  Next and next new POI recommendation via latent behavior pattern inference
Li X., Han D., He J., Liao L., Wang M.  ACM Transactions on Information Systems 37(4): 1-28, 2019. Type: Article

The objective of a recommender system is to suggest relevant items or preferences to users. Similar to other recommendations, for example, for products, movies, or books, point-of-interest (POI) recommendations can help travelers and tourists find...

Jan 25 2022
   ELSA: a multilingual document summarization algorithm based on frequent itemsets and latent semantic analysis
Cagliero L., Garza P., Baralis E.  ACM Transactions on Information Systems 37(2): 1-33, 2019. Type: Article, Reviews: (2 of 2)

“You shall know a word by the company it keeps” is perhaps the most famous quotation attributed to J. R. Firth [1]. Searching for ways to automate natural language understanding (NLU), statistical natural language processing prevailed ...

Nov 16 2020
  ELSA: a multilingual document summarization algorithm based on frequent itemsets and latent semantic analysis
Cagliero L., Garza P., Baralis E.  ACM Transactions on Information Systems 37(2): 1-33, 2019. Type: Article, Reviews: (1 of 2)

Multi-document summarization involves the automatic generation of concise summaries of a number of textual documents, with the goal of succinctly presenting the most salient information. This allows readers to get the main idea without reading the...

Jan 16 2020
  Deep item-based collaborative filtering for top-N recommendation
Xue F., He X., Wang X., Xu J., Liu K., Hong R.  ACM Transactions on Information Systems 37(3): 1-25, 2019. Type: Article

Recommender systems are an essential component in digital platforms, nudging consumers toward more efficient decision making by predicting and presenting products and services in a personalized ranking order that is of top interest. By filtering o...

Nov 19 2019
  Joint modeling of user check-in behaviors for real-time point-of-interest recommendation
Yin H., Cui B., Zhou X., Wang W., Huang Z., Sadiq S.  ACM Transactions on Information Systems 35(2): Article No. 11, 2016. Type: Article

In order to predict and recommend the points of interest (POIs) for a given combination of user, current location, and time, a joint probabilistic generative model called the topic region model (TRM) is presented. It combines user interests and us...

Apr 26 2017
  Social question answering: textual, user, and network features for best answer prediction
Molino P., Aiello L., Lops P.  ACM Transactions on Information Systems 35(1): 1-40, 2016. Type: Article

This paper combines a good review of the main techniques used in community question-answering (CQA) systems with an extensive and systematic study that compares the effect of using different sets of features for the task of predicting the best ans...

Nov 11 2016
  Diversifying query auto-completion
Cai F., Reinanda R., De Rijke M.  ACM Transactions on Information Systems 34(4): 1-33, 2016. Type: Article

In an era when many aspects of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are increasing in popularity because of the proliferation of technology via a range of representational state transfer (REST) application programming interfaces ...

Sep 14 2016
  Digital wildfires: propagation, verification, regulation, and responsible innovation
Webb H., Burnap P., Procter R., Rana O., Stahl B., Williams M., Housley W., Edwards A., Jirotka M.  ACM Transactions on Information Systems 34(3): 1-23, 2016. Type: Article

“Digital wildfire” describes the rapid spread of “rumor and false/malicious information.” The authors provide an excellent review of research concerning how this occurs and where the gaps are in contemporary research. They ...

May 25 2016
  User activity patterns during information search
Cole M., Hendahewa C., Belkin N., Shah C.  ACM Transactions on Information Systems 33(1): 1-39, 2015. Type: Article

The activity pattern analysis methodology is presented to detect different types of search tasks during information searches. The observable data from search task sessions include different page-related activities, such as seeing or revisiting a c...

Sep 28 2015
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