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Computational Statistics & Data Analysis
Elsevier Science Publishers B. V.
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  Parallel-and-stream accelerator for computationally fast supervised learning
Hector E., Luo L., Song P. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 177(1): 1-12, 2022.  Type: Article

Large enterprises with massive amounts of data require reliable and efficient algorithms for exploring and forecasting trends in available supplies, user purchases, and advertisements. The scalability of the MapReduce approach is advantageous for ...

Feb 20 2023
  A new nonparametric screening method for ultrahigh-dimensional survival data
Liu Y., Zhang J., Zhao X. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 119(C): 74-85, 2018.  Type: Article

Groundbreaking effective algorithms for overcoming the discrepancies in the existing screening procedures for ultrahigh-dimensional medical survival data are long overdue. Liu et al. offer a nonparametric Kolmogorov-Smirnov (K-S) test ...

May 31 2018
  Software article: analysis of the Oracle-based epilepsy database with SAS; enterprise guide software
Zoumba N., Lochmann T., Ortseifen C., Bast T., Ramantani G., Rating D. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 43(3): 399-404, 2003.  Type: Article

During pre-surgical epilepsy diagnosis at the University of Heidelberg’s Department of Pediatrics, a large amount of data relevant to diagnostic decisions and scientific research is stored in an Oracle-based epilepsy database...

Apr 2 2004
  Improved estimation of clutter properties in speckled imagery: how to write them and why
Cribari-Neto F., Frery A., Silva M. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 40(4): 801-824, 2002.  Type: Article

When it comes to cooking, salt and pepper are essential to the chef; but when it comes to imagery, researchers would be better off without it. Speckle noise, otherwise known as the salt and pepper effect, corrupts the ground truth when...

Jul 2 2003
  Comparison of group screening strategies for factorial experiments: how to write them and why
Dean A., Lewis S. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 39(3): 287-297, 2002.  Type: Article

An important aim of experimentation is to identify design factors and settings that achieve a required mean performance, while minimizing performance variability due to varying noise factors. An initial screening experiment must then b...

Jun 18 2003
  A graphical method for evaluating slope-rotatability in axial directions for second order response surface designs
Jang D. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 39(3): 343-349, 2002.  Type: Article

One of the more important pieces of knowledge that we have about nature is the law of least squares. This is the equivalent of finding a vector projection, in a known vector space, of some observational vector that satisfies the least ...

Jun 12 2003
  Weighted tests of homogeneity for testing the number of components in a mixture
Susko E. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 41(3-4): 367-378, 2003.  Type: Article

When conducting a test that requires a large, or even moderately sized, sample, there are many instances when the sample consists of more than one subpopulation. This can obscure the true result for each of the subpopulations. There ar...

May 28 2003
   Influence diagnostics for generalized linear mixed models: applications to clustered data
Xiang L., Tse S., Lee A. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 40(4): 759-774, 2002.  Type: Article

The generalized linear mixed model (GLMM) is one of many extensions of the usual linear model. In a GLMM, observations are not necessarily independent, but it is assumed that data can be clustered so that observations in different clus...

Apr 17 2003
  Implementation of higher-order asymptotics to S-plus
Yi G., Wu J., Liu Y. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 40(4): 775-800, 2002.  Type: Article

The usual approach for Cox regression is to use twice the log likelihood-ratio statistic, which is referred to in this paper as R2, and the chi-square. This paper is concerned with higher-order expansions that involve the second and th...

Apr 8 2003
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