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Computers and Electrical Engineering
Pergamon Press, Inc.
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  Potential technologies and applications based on deep learning in the 6G networks
Zheng Z., Wang L., Zhu F., Liu L. Computers and Electrical Engineering 951-8, 2021.  Type: Article

The sixth generation of cellular networks (6G) still hasn’t reached its peak in terms of hype, and in light of 4G and 5G coordinates and ruling experiences, concerned theorists are working to define 6G’s framework, use cases, potential...

Apr 4 2023
  AI-based computer vision using deep learning in 6G wireless networks
Kamruzzaman M., Alruwaili O. Computers and Electrical Engineering 102(1): 1-14, 2022.  Type: Article

The development of sixth-generation (6G) wireless networks is expected to revolutionize the way we use the Internet and handle data. This new network will offer faster speeds, better security, and more reliable connections. Along with these advanc...

Mar 22 2023
  Quantum computing and communications - introduction and challenges
Imre S. Computers and Electrical Engineering 40(1): 134-141, 2014.  Type: Article

This paper is a nice introductory tutorial on quantum computing and quantum communications, with few more details on the second topic and special emphasis on the inherent security of quantum communications and the related technological...

Sep 23 2014
  A robust active queue management scheme for network congestion control
Zhou C., He J., Chen Q. Computers and Electrical Engineering 39(2): 285-294, 2013.  Type: Article

Transmission control protocols (TCP) at the senders and queue management schemes at the intermediate routers have been made to cooperate in order to improve the efficiency of computer networks. In this paper, the authors propose &#...

Jul 31 2014
  Power flow solution using the modified quasilinearization method
Nagrial M., Soliman H. Computers and Electrical Engineering 11(4): 213-217, 1985.  Type: Article

This paper considers the power system load flow and develops an algorithm based on quasilinearization for solving the load problem. The load flow problem is formulated as a nonlinear programming problem. The problem is as follows: Give...

Mar 1 1987
  A methodology for assessing the correctness of control programs
Bastani F., Ramamoorthy C. (ed) Computers and Electrical Engineering 11(2-3): 115-144, 1984.  Type: Article

This paper is frustrating in that it has a misleading title, contains several misleading comments, and features a substantial, yet irrelevant, example (taking up 11 out of the 30 pages); but, notwithstanding all this criticism, it incl...

Jan 1 1987
  A semantical database for analysis and control of power systems
Prabhakaran N., Palaniswami M. Computers and Electrical Engineering 11(4): 233-238, 1985.  Type: Article

This paper describes the advantages of database technology over conventional file systems in processing information for electrical power system analysis and design. The authors then describe NIAM, a semantic data model, using a simple ...

Sep 1 1986
  Computer-aided design optimization of polyphase induction motors
Nagrial M. Computers and Electrical Engineering 11(4): 191-199, 1985.  Type: Article

This paper outlines a nonlinear programming approach to designing induction motors. The author formulates the problem as a constrained optimization problem where both explicit and implicit variables are constrained. The constrained opt...

Sep 1 1986
  Hybrid reliability modeling of fault-tolerant computer systems
Trivedi K., Bechta Dugan J., Geist R., Smotherman M. Computers and Electrical Engineering 11(2-3): 87-108, 1984.  Type: Article

This paper presents the concepts and philosophy behind a new program for the modeling and evaluation of fault-tolerant systems with extremely high reliability--HARP (Hybrid Automated Reliability Predictor). The fundamental app...

May 1 1986
  Bayesian reliability evaluation of computer systems
Simkins D., Bukowski J. Computers and Electrical Engineering 11(2-3): 79-86, 1984.  Type: Article

This is a clear exposition of a procedure which can be used to estimate the reliability of complicated systems. It is based on a combination of predicted failure rates and measured failure rates, where the system configuration under te...

Apr 1 1986
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