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Microprocessors & Microsystems
Elsevier Science Publishers B. V.
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   A review on virtual reality and augmented reality use-cases of brain computer interface based applications for smart cities
Kohli V., Tripathi U., Chamola V., Kumar Rout B., Kanhere S. Microprocessors & Microsystems 88(1): 1-13, 2022.  Type: Article

Current computing and user interface technologies permit increasingly direct connections between the human brain and computers. The technologies include various types of displays, such as traditional screens, smartphones, or headsets, and electric...

Feb 2 2023
  CAEMO - a flexible and scalable high performance matrix algebra coprocessor for embedded reconfigurable computing systems
Woehrle H., Kirchner F. Microprocessors & Microsystems 56(C): 47-63, 2018.  Type: Article

The authors present a novel cogurable accelerator engine for matrix operations (CAEMO) for improving computational performance on matrix- or block-based algorithms. Because many applications are based on the relationships between data ...

Nov 13 2018
  A FPGA based implementation of Sobel edge detection
Nausheen N., Seal A., Khanna P., Halder S. Microprocessors & Microsystems 56(C): 84-91, 2018.  Type: Article

This paper examines the problem of optimizing the space requirements and latency for a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) implementation of a Sobel edge detection filter. Sobel edge detection applies horizontal and vertical convoluti...

Sep 13 2018
  Optimizing the configuration of an heterogeneous architecture of sensors for activity recognition, using the extended belief rule-based inference methodology
Espinilla M., Medina J., Calzada A., Liu J., Martínez L., Nugent C. Microprocessors & Microsystems 52 381-390, 2017.  Type: Article

The aging populations in many countries are on the verge of increasing, and the incidence of common diseases related to this group, such as dementia, seem to by rising day by day. Hence, there is a growing need to have sensor-based act...

May 17 2018
  Design optimization for security- and safety-critical distributed real-time applications
Jiang W., Pop P., Jiang K. Microprocessors & Microsystems 52 401-415, 2017.  Type: Article

Security and design for real-time systems is becoming more relevant today than ever before. This is mostly due to the technology revolution moving toward automation and optimization, fueled by computer algorithms and software....

Dec 13 2017
  A low-cost and high-performance architecture for robust human detection using histogram of edge oriented gradients
Sangeetha D., Deepa P. Microprocessors & Microsystems 53 106-119, 2017.  Type: Article

Due to their programmability and hardware parallelism, field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) will be widely used to speed up edge/cloud computation on multiple image/video/big data processing systems and data centers. To the best of m...

Nov 13 2017
  The AXIOM software layers
Álvarez C., Ayguadé E., Bosch J., Bueno J., Cherkashin A., Filgueras A., Jiménez-González D., Martorell X., Navarro N., Vidal M., Theodoropoulos D., Pnevmatikatos D., Catani D., Oro D., Fernández C., Segura C., Rodríguez J., Hernando J., Scordino C., Gai P., Passera P., Pomella A., Bettin N., Rizzo A., Giorgi R. Microprocessors & Microsystems 47, Part B, 262-277, 2016.  Type: Article

AXIOM is a project aimed at building a hardware substrate and software layers to target cyber-physical systems (CPS) that interact with users in real-time running applications such as face recognition. The paper should be of interest t...

May 15 2017
  Towards ultra-efficient QCA reversible circuits
Chabi A., Roohi A., Khademolhosseini H., Sheikhfaal S., Angizi S., Navi K., DeMara R. Microprocessors & Microsystems 49(C): 127-138, 2017.  Type: Article

In this paper, quantum-dot cellular automata (QCA) nanotechnology is introduced and employed to design some basic integrated circuit components. Compared to the traditional complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology, a 2...

May 1 2017
  Efficient resource sharing algorithm for physical register file in simultaneous multi-threading processors
Zhang Y., Lin W. Microprocessors & Microsystems 45, Part B, 270-282, 2016.  Type: Article

This paper reminds me a lot of previous years of using assembly language and learning to write code with only four registers to hold data. Being trained in these techniques can seriously improve code optimization, as well as how one al...

Nov 9 2016
  Quantifying the performance and energy efficiency of advanced cache indexing for GPGPU computing
Kim K., Baek W. Microprocessors & Microsystems 43(C): 81-94, 2016.  Type: Article

Contention for shared cache resources by individual threads can be problematic for central processing unit (CPU) workloads, and is exacerbated on graphics processing unit (GPU) workloads due to very large thread counts and relatively s...

Sep 7 2016
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