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Journal of Network and Systems Management
Plenum Press
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  Lightweight and informative traffic metrics for data center monitoring
Xu K., Wang F., Wang H.  Journal of Network and Systems Management 20(2): 226-243, 2020. Type: Article

Modern cloud computing data centers typically deliver virtualized services to tens of thousands of cloud users continuously, using hundreds or even thousands of commodity servers. Monitoring the availability, performance, and security of this data...

Aug 16 2021
  A survey on software defined networking: architecture for next generation network
Singh S., Jha R.  Journal of Network and Systems Management 25(2): 321-374, 2017. Type: Article

Over the years, data communication networks have seen a constant rise in network traffic, and this trend is expected to continue eternally. This constant increase of network traffic calls for new technologies capable of facing this ever-increasing...

Jan 16 2018
  An efficient resource allocation mechanism for LTE-GEPON converged networks
Ranaweera C., Wong E., Lim C., Nirmalathas A., Jayasundara C.  Journal of Network and Systems Management 22(3): 437-461, 2014. Type: Article

The long-term evolution–gigabit Ethernet passive optical network (LTE-GEPON) integrates two recent communication technologies: a fixed broadband service and a high-bandwidth wireless service. Both networks support quality of service (QoS) so that ...

Aug 26 2014
  Towards runtime reconfiguration of application control policies in the cloud
Vaquero L., Morán D., Galán F., Alcaraz-Calero J.  Journal of Network and Systems Management 20(4): 489-512, 2012. Type: Article

This paper on provisioning frameworks mainly describes the behavior of applications deployed in the cloud in terms of architecture. The authors describe the idea of cloud utilization, including some major issues. However, some other major issues s...

Apr 5 2013
  Secure and fast aggregation of financial data in cloud-based expense tracking applications
Corena J., Ohtsuki T.  Journal of Network and Systems Management 20(4): 534-560, 2012. Type: Article

Corena and Ohtsuki apply three secure algorithms with additive homomorphism to the problem of securely storing financial information, such as customer receipts, on an untrusted cloud server. The three algorithms considered include a symmetric algo...

Jan 31 2013
  Optimization of inter-domain presence traffic based on privacy rule sharing: performance and impact on the IMS
Beltran V., Paradells J.  Journal of Network and Systems Management 20(3): 372-400, 2012. Type: Article

During the 2013 presidential inauguration, it is estimated that millions of people will be exchanging instant messages, which could cause heavy traffic on network lines. The ability of presence information to transmit not only text but also video ...

Jan 29 2013
  Online randomization strategies to obfuscate user behavioral patterns
Tapiador J., Hernandez-Castro J., Peris-Lopez P.  Journal of Network and Systems Management 20(4): 561-578, 2012. Type: Article

For both corporate and individual users, cloud computing is becoming the de facto computing platform. Applications reside in the cloud. Data is stored in the cloud. Everything is in the cloud. Accompanying this are the security and privacy problem...

Jan 23 2013
  A formal methodology for detecting managerial vulnerabilities and threats in an enterprise information system
Sengupta A., Mazumdar C., Bagchi A.  Journal of Network and Systems Management 19(3): 319-342, 2011. Type: Article

Sengupta et al. present a formal approach to detecting what they call “managerial” vulnerabilities. The term refers to vulnerabilities in the top level of the hierarchical layers of a system architecture (that is, application vulnera...

Sep 21 2011
  Security schemes for a mobile agent based network and system management framework
Fong C., Parr G., Morrow P.  Journal of Network and Systems Management 19(2): 230-256, 2011. Type: Article

In this paper, the authors discuss two frameworks for mobile agent-based network and system management schemes: the visibility domain protection scheme, and the Visa-based authentication scheme. They demonstrate the efficiency of these schemes, an...

Jul 11 2011
  Towards management of future networks and services: a report on IEEE/IFIP NOMS 2010
Granville L., Medhi D., Kiriha Y., Hong J., Fujii N.  Journal of Network and Systems Management 18(3): 348-353, 2010. Type: Article

In April 2010, the 12th Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)/International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS 2010) was held in Osaka, Japan. These symposia are intern...

Oct 7 2010
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