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AI & Society
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  Service robots for affective labor: a sociology of labor perspective
Dobrosovestnova A., Hannibal G., Reinboth T. AI & Society 2(37): 487-499, 2021.  Type: Article

Smart robots will likely continue to provide hospitality and industrial management services. The continued increase of robotic roles in technologically advanced societies requires better understanding of human-robot interaction (HRI). But are the ...

Oct 26 2022
  The art, poetics, and grammar of technological innovation as practice, process, and performance
Coeckelbergh M. AI & Society 33(4): 501-510, 2018.  Type: Article

Intrigued by the almost lyrical title (notice the alliteration of three “p”s) and the somewhat improbable connection of technology innovation to art and grammar, I stumbled upon this paper that blatantly illustrates...

Aug 1 2019
  Artificial intelligence: looking through the Pygmalion lens
Gill K. AI & Society 33(4): 459-465, 2018.  Type: Article

This paper reminds me of early nuclear energy “control” advocacy. In fact, the discovery of uranium, and specifically the widespread global knowledge of a significant inventive process that allows the release of a h...

Apr 29 2019
  Mitigating risks of digitalization through managed industrial security services
Jansen C., Jeschke S. AI & Society 33(2): 163-173, 2018.  Type: Article

This paper discusses the risks of industrial security services. Moreover, the authors consider future automation scenarios as well as the major concepts involved in industrial security services....

Oct 19 2018
   3D metal printing technology: the need to re-invent design practice
Duda T., Raghavan L. AI & Society 33(2): 241-252, 2018.  Type: Article

Additive manufacturing (AM) (also know as 3D printing) is the process of manufacturing objects directly from 3D model data, typically using a layer-by-layer material build-up strategy. Metal AM is a tool-less process that can manufactu...

Oct 4 2018
  Game-based education for disaster prevention
Tsai M., Wen M., Chang Y., Kang S. AI & Society 30(4): 463-475, 2015.  Type: Article

The authors present a serious game designed for educational purposes, especially educating decision makers to handle flooding-related problems. Compared to traditional education methodology, game-based education is generally considered...

Feb 16 2016
  Hammers, nails, sealing wax, string and gunpowder!
Hutchins D. AI & Society 27(3): 363-368, 2012.  Type: Article

The vast majority of all organizations, both private and public, have a quality management system that provides auditing and quality control services. These services are provided by quality professionals that are employed to limit the ...

Jan 24 2013
  The Japanese sense of information privacy
Adams A., Murata K., Orito Y. AI & Society 24(4): 327-341, 2009.  Type: Article

Adams et al. analyze information privacy in Japan’s collectivist--“the needs and interests of the group are generally more important than the needs and interests of the individuals [that] comprise that grou...

Jan 6 2011
  Nature and roles for community networks in the information society
de Cindio F., Ripamonti L. AI & Society 25(3): 265-278, 2010.  Type: Article

The authors present an interesting overview of the rise of community networks in the mid-1980s, along with their continued existence today. They provide excellent information concerning the need for and creation of community networks&a...

Dec 9 2010
  The impact of cognitive machines on complex decisions and organizational change
Nobre F., Tobias A., Walker D. AI & Society 24(4): 365-381, 2009.  Type: Article

Over the past few decades, enterprise organizations have been trying to use computational devices to enhance their knowledge acquisition processes. This paper attempts to explain the impact of cognitive machines on organizational chang...

Jun 23 2010
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