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Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Kluwer Academic Publishers
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  Mining the semantic web
Rettinger A., Lösch U., Tresp V., D’Amato C., Fanizzi N. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 24(3): 613-662, 2020.  Type: Article

The semantic version of the World Wide Web (WWW), the semantic web, allows for formal reasoning and querying. It has two components: formal ontologies, which provide domain-specific knowledge, and annotations of web resources, which can be read ...

Nov 25 2022
  Survey on mining subjective data on the web
Tsytsarau M., Palpanas T. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 24(3): 478-514, 2012.  Type: Article

When accessing information on the web, users not only consume the information but also comment on and actively annotate the content, which then generates new content and can also provide ratings. People express themselves on the web through blogs,...

Nov 16 2022
  Web log analysis: a review of a decade of studies about information acquisition, inspection and interpretation of user interaction
Agosti M., Crivellari F., Di Nunzio G. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 24(3): 663-696, 2020.  Type: Article

We are all aware that computer systems log user activity. Exactly what is done, if anything, with these logs is less clear. In this paper, Agosti et al. review log analysis research over the past ten years to trace the state of the art in analyzin...

Jan 11 2022
  An effective and versatile distance measure for spatiotemporal trajectories
Naderivesal S., Kulik L., Bailey J. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 33(3): 577-606, 2019.  Type: Article

With the increasing accumulation of spatial temporal path data, such as in the truck and cab datasets considered here, the need for effective path comparison algorithms is of current importance. This paper develops a measure employing ...

Jan 9 2020
  An optimization model for collaborative recommendation using a covariance-based regularizer
Lecron F., Fouss F. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 32(3): 651-674, 2018.  Type: Article

In the era of big data, we are surrounded by recommendation systems that leverage and predict our responses, from daily shopping patterns to political campaigns and even presidential elections. There are various techniques and algorith...

Apr 10 2019
  Online estimation of discrete, continuous, and conditional joint densities using classifier chains
Geilke M., Karwath A., Frank E., Kramer S. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 32(3): 561-603, 2018.  Type: Article

When considering data streams, the entire data stream is not available in one shot and estimates are needed, thus it is difficult to apply traditional data analysis methods. Traditional data mining algorithms operate on the full datase...

Dec 6 2018
  Mining urban events from the tweet stream through a probabilistic mixture model
Capdevila J., Cerquides J., Torres J. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 32(3): 764-786, 2018.  Type: Article

If you are curious about how probabilistic models can be used to analyze tweets for local event detection, this paper is a good start....

Jul 5 2018
  On temporal-constrained sub-trajectory cluster analysis
Pelekis N., Tampakis P., Vodas M., Doulkeridis C., Theodoridis Y. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 31(5): 1294-1330, 2017.  Type: Article

The growing popularity of location-enabled tracking devices has triggered a new sense of interest and enthusiasm for creating appropriate datasets or databases, and new approaches for carrying out data analytics. Demand and need for de...

Apr 12 2018
  Detecting cooperative and organized spammer groups in micro-blogging community
Dang Q., Zhou Y., Gao F., Sun Q. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 31(3): 573-605, 2017.  Type: Article

Public relations (PR) companies hire and pay cooperative and organized spammer groups to post specific content on online microblogging sites, such as Twitter, to influence public opinion or trending topics (topic hijacking). Detecting ...

Jan 4 2018
  MixedTrails: Bayesian hypothesis comparison on heterogeneous sequential data
Becker M., Lemmerich F., Singer P., Strohmaier M., Hotho A. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 31(5): 1359-1390, 2017.  Type: Article

This well-written paper includes adequate definitions to enable a layperson to understand the principles (generative processes of heterogeneous sequence data of human movement in a city) examined in its simulated experimental study. It...

Dec 7 2017
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