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ACM Transactions on the Web
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  Web portals for high-performance computing: a survey
Calegari P., Levrier M., Balczyski P.  ACM Transactions on the Web 13(1): 1-36, 2019. Type: Article

High-performance computing (HPC) offers researchers the performance they need to solve complex problems. However, as these researchers are specialized in areas not related to HPC, web interfaces facilitate the submission of their jobs to HPC syste...

Sep 24 2021
  Completeness management for RDF data sources
Darari F., Nutt W., Pirrò G., Razniewski S.  ACM Transactions on the Web 12(3): 1-53, 2018. Type: Article

The resource description framework (RDF), a standardized concept to model data intercommunication on the web, associates relationships between things to structures of triples or graphs. SPARQL is a semantic query language tailored to explore data ...

Apr 23 2019
  Unsupervised domain ranking in large-scale web crawls
Cui Y., Sparkman C., Lee H., Loguinov D.  ACM Transactions on the Web 12(4): 1-29, 2018. Type: Article

The already enormous amount of web content continues to increase. This poses an issue to web crawlers, the tools used by search engines to find content worth indexing for searches. Web crawlers have to find and rank web content using limited resou...

Apr 15 2019
  Understanding cross-site linking in online social networks
Gong Q., Chen Y., Hu J., Cao Q., Hui P., Wang X.  ACM Transactions on the Web 12(4): 1-29, 2018. Type: Article

This paper is a data-driven analysis of cross-site linking in online social networks, including Foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter. It describes the user behavior behind cross-site linking and why users do cross-site linking. It is one of the first...

Mar 22 2019
  When simpler data does not imply less information: a study of user profiling scenarios with constrained view of mobile HTTP(S) traffic
Park S., Matic A., Garg K., Oliver N.  ACM Transactions on the Web 12(2): 1-23, 2018. Type: Article

This well-written paper reports on a study revealing the power of limited datasets to characterize mobile device users. This excellent work deserves attention both for the results and for the general explanations of technologies and use of data, a...

Aug 29 2018
  Semantics-based analysis of content security policy deployment
Calzavara S., Rabitti A., Bugliesi M.  ACM Transactions on the Web 12(2): 1-36, 2018. Type: Article

Security is one of the biggest concerns in digital societies. Without reasonable levels of security, people will never really embrace the use of technology for tasks that they consider sensitive or risky. Only with a reasonable guarantee of securi...

Jul 11 2018
  Value and misinformation in collaborative investing platforms
Wang T., Wang G., Wang B., Sambasivan D., Zhang Z., Li X., Zheng H., Zhao B.  ACM Transactions on the Web 11(2): 1-32, 2017. Type: Article

Collaborative investing platforms often rely on the common “wisdom of the crowd” concept in a domain in which even highly paid, well-educated, and experienced professionals make mistakes, providing wrong or inaccurate evaluations....

Jul 5 2017
  Detection of political manipulation in online communities through measures of effort and collaboration
Lee S.  ACM Transactions on the Web 9(3): 1-24, 2015. Type: Article

Online social media is a popular research topic for both computer and social scientists as it can be investigated with robust analytic tools and reflects a certain slice of the mass behavior of society. It is interesting to question whether the ac...

Aug 17 2015
  Characterizing Web-based video sharing workloads
Mitra S., Agrawal M., Yadav A., Carlsson N., Eager D., Mahanti A.  ACM Transactions on the Web 5(2): 1-27, 2011. Type: Article

Web-based video distribution services are powerful tools that enterprises use to attract and retain customers, and to advertise merchandise over the Internet. Consequently, Web-based video distribution service providers can benefit from understand...

Dec 7 2012
  A survey of requirements specification in model-driven development of Web applications
Valderas P., Pelechano V.  ACM Transactions on the Web 5(2): 1-51, 2011. Type: Article

Model-driven development (MDD) is a technique that enables initial specification and development of software systems, independent of implementation technology. The initial models are refined over time to account for specific implementation constra...

Aug 1 2011
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