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ACM SIGARCH Computer Architecture News
ACM Press
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  Architecting phase change memory as a scalable DRAM alternative
Lee B., Ipek E., Mutlu O., Burger D.  ACM SIGARCH Computer Architecture News 37(3): 2-13, 2009. Type: Article

The shrinking dimensions of devices place strong limitations on the continued use of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) architectures. Alternative technologies for memory circuits, including phase change memory (PCM), are now being pursued....

Oct 28 2009
  Exploiting data parallelism in signal processing on a dataflow machine
Nitezki P.  ACM SIGARCH Computer Architecture News 17(3): 54-61, 1989. Type: Article

One of the chronic problems of computer science is that researchers do not keep up with the literature. As a result, repetition is common. In this paper the author designs a stream-based dataflow language almost exactly like Lucid [1] (of which he...

Sep 1 1990
  The effect of sharing on the cache and bus performance of parallel programs
Eggers S., Katz R.  ACM SIGARCH Computer Architecture News 17(2): 257-270, 1989. Type: Article

How does the sharing resulting from writing an application program as a set of parallel processes affect cache performance? The authors investigate this question for shared-memory multiprocessors with a single bus. They use trace-driven simulation...

Jul 1 1990
  The runtime environment for Scheme, a Scheme implementation on the 88000
Vegdahl S., Pleban U.  ACM SIGARCH Computer Architecture News 17(2): 172-182, 1989. Type: Article

This paper discusses the general implementation and choices for a SCHEME runtime structure on a RISC processor. It includes a general overview of the work presented, the register usage, the object types and their tags, the procedure calls, the ari...

Jul 1 1990
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