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ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review
ACM Press
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  From repeatability to reproducibility and corroboration
Feitelson D.  ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review 49(1): 3-11, 2015. Type: Article

The result of a single experiment is rarely believed. Mistakes might have been made when designing the experiment, conducting the experiment, or analyzing the data. A result becomes an accepted fact only after others have successfully redone the e...

Jul 8 2016
  Boosting energy efficiency with mirrored data block replication policy and energy scheduler
Yazd S., Venkatesan S., Mittal N.  ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review 47(2): 33-40, 2013. Type: Article

The authors present a data block replication method to increase energy efficiency in data centers. The paper starts with a clear introduction and background section, which provides simple explanations about the basic concepts. This section describ...

Sep 17 2013
  Towards cinematic Internet video-on-demand
Cheng B., Stein L., Jin H., Zhang Z.  ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review 42(4): 109-122, 2008. Type: Article

Cheng et al. describe and discuss GridCast, a video-on-demand system, online since 2006. This system employs peer assistance to improve scalability and continuity. This approach allows GridCast to improve the bit rates, compared with the most popu...

Jul 1 2008
  GreenFS: making enterprise computers greener by protecting them better
Joukov N., Sipek J.  ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review 42(4): 69-80, 2008. Type: Article

Power consumption and the management of disk failures have been niche topics in computer science over the past ten years. It takes a nontrivial amount of energy to keep a disk spinning. The costs become significant when we consider the number of ...

May 22 2008
  Idletime scheduling with preemption intervals
Eggert L., Touch J.  ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review 39(5): 249-262, 2005. Type: Article

This study is aimed at reducing idle time in large computer systems. Unfortunately, the paper contains too much jargon and is obviously meant for a specialized few. The study seems to ignore the fact that large systems use multiprocessing and mult...

Oct 26 2006
  Speculative execution in a distributed file system
Nightingale E., Chen P., Flinn J.  ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review 39(5): 191-205, 2005. Type: Article

Make it run; make it right; make it fast; make it small....

Oct 4 2006
  Resilient overlay networks
Andersen D., Balakrishnan H., Kaashoek F., Morris R.  ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review 35(5): 131-145, 2001. Type: Article

In a world where peer-to-peer networks flourish, and where Internet path congestion and oscillations are daily events, the need for new efficient routing mechanisms is more and more pressing. Andersen, Balakrishnan, Kaashoek, and Morris present re...

Jan 11 2005
  Pipeline: a new architecture of high performance servers
YAO N., ZHENG M., JU J.  ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review 36(4): 55-64, 2002. Type: Article

A survey and taxonomy of Web server software is presented in this paper. A new architecture called Pipeline is presented, which splits the processing of a hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) request into stages, and assigns the various stages to a...

Feb 3 2003
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