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ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes
ACM Press
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  Variability for qualities in software architecture
Alebrahim A., Faßbender S., Filipczyk M., Goedicke M., Heisel M., Zdun U.  ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes 41(1): 32-35, 2016. Type: Article

Nonfunctional requirements continue to be challenging. In particular, rigorous software quality definitions and objectives, systematic attainment, and satisfactory validation are among the most difficult aspects of system development. This report ...

Aug 4 2016
  A study of relationship between performance, temperament and personality of a software programmer
Gulati J., Bhardwaj P., Suri B., Lather A.  ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes 41(1): 1-5, 2016. Type: Article

Does a programmer’s personality impact her or his programming performance? Understanding what drives the quality of software production is the topic of a large effort from the software engineering community. Oddly enough, relating the charac...

Jun 8 2016
  Surfing the Net for software engineering notes
Doernhoefer M.  ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes 39(6): 8-16, 2014. Type: Article

With the development of artificial intelligence, embedded system software engineering, and computer science, autonomous systems and robotics are entering and influencing our work and lives. In robotics engineering, engineers are facing great chall...

Apr 8 2015
  Analysis of reusability of object-oriented systems using object-oriented metrics
Goel B., Bhatia P.  ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes 38(4): 1-5, 2013. Type: Article

Despite a large number of studies, more evidence is needed on the validity of existing metrics, to help software engineers choose the right ones for each situation....

Feb 18 2014
  Report of the 2013 ICSE 1st International Workshop on Engineering Mobile-enabled Systems (MOBS 2013)
Lewis G., Nagappan N., Gray J., Rosenblum D., Muccini H., Shihab E.  ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes 38(5): 55-58, 2013. Type: Article

An initial assembly of mobile software researchers and practitioners was held in May of 2013. There were 21 attendees, a keynote speaker, and eight papers. This paper is a summary report of that meeting. A second meeting (MOBS 2014) is in the work...

Oct 23 2013
  Reuse: reducing test effort
Tiwari R., Goel N.  ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes 38(2): 1-11, 2013. Type: Article

Can reusing software reduce the cost of testing without sacrificing quality? This paper surveys the relevant literature (114 references) to find answers. It describes the varieties of reuse: components, frameworks, and product lines. It also defin...

Aug 7 2013
  An approach to implementing dynamic adaptation in C++
Fleming S., Cheng B., Stirewalt R., McKinley P.  ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes 30(4): 1-7, 2005. Type: Article

The authors describe a software tool they developed to include adaptive behavior in C++ programs, namely, to make a C++ program capable of modifying its behavior at runtime in response to changes in the environment. The authors build on a similar ...

Nov 28 2005
  Software performance modelling using PEPA nets
Gilmore S., Hillston J., Kloul L., Ribaudo M.  ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes 29(1): 13-23, 2004. Type: Article

A Petri net-based modeling technique to address the gap in software requirements modeling methodologies for distributed systems is addressed in this paper. Its use is for modeling systems composed of concurrently active components that cooperate a...

Nov 11 2004
  Application performance on the direct access file system
Fedorova A., Seltzer M., Magoutis K., Addetia S.  ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes 29(1): 84-93, 2004. Type: Article

In this paper, the performance of an implementation of the direct access file system (DAFS), a lightweight, high-performance file access protocol, is compared to the performance of NFS-nocopy, an implementation of network file system (NFS) optimiz...

May 25 2004
  Software performance engineering of a Web service-based clinical decision support infrastructure
 ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes 29(1): 130-138, 2004. Type: Article

This paper proposes a Web services-based infrastructure to support clinical decision support systems (CDSS), applied to distributed medical domains within the hospital information system (HIS), to provide clinical support in high-risk medical envi...

May 13 2004
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