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ACM SIGPLAN Lisp Pointers
ACM Press
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  Static dependent costs for estimating execution time
Reistad B., Gifford D.  ACM SIGPLAN Lisp Pointers VII(3): 65-78, 1994. Type: Article

Reistad presents a method for statically estimating program execution time in this excellent and readable paper. It can be added to any statically typed polymorphic programming language, and thereby provides yet another illustration of the benefit...

Nov 1 1995
  Garbage collection for strongly-typed languages using run-time type reconstruction
Aditya S., Flood C., Hicks J.  ACM SIGPLAN Lisp Pointers VII(3): 12-23, 1994. Type: Article

In the general framework of automatic garbage collection, this paper considers the specific case of strongly typed languages. The problem is much more complex when no typing information is stored in objects themselves at runtime. Omitting this inf...

Sep 1 1995
  Talking about modules and delivery
Davis H., Parquier P., Séniak N.  ACM SIGPLAN Lisp Pointers VII(3): 113-120, 1994. Type: Article

The design of languages in the LISP family generally provides little support for a real module system and the possibility of delivering stripped-down, closed applications; indeed, most implementations call for a single “world” in which...

Aug 1 1995
  Using the run-time sizes of data structures to guide parallel-thread creation
Huelsbergen L., Larus J., Aiken A.  ACM SIGPLAN Lisp Pointers VII(3): 79-90, 1994. Type: Article

The overhead of spawning a new task to compute some expression in a functional language is often high. It is therefore important to know that the amount of work that the spawned task will do is enough to cover the costs of its creation, initial se...

Mar 1 1995
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